A Railway Station

Posted on 12th Sep 2020 04:11:33 AM Paragraph

A railway station is an establishment on the side of a track. It is a place where a train stops for the passengers to get down and to get into the train. It may be comparatively crowded or lonely in accordance with its location and importance. It is a self complete complex with raised platforms to accommodate trains and buildings to house the stations master's office together with other offices. It also accommodates godowns, ticket counters as well as the fixtures fitting and installations that facilitate arrival, stoppage and departure of trains running up and down. In big stations corrugated concrete or tin sheds are put up overhead as a protection from sun and shower. On the contrary, a little tin sheds and small platforms are in the local stations. The street beggars, hawkers, tokai and busiest passengers make the station always crowded and noisy. Sometimes, the passengers who don't catch the train at right time, they pass their night by making the station floor as a bed. As, a result the station becomes dusty and uncomfortable place. The vagabond boys, criminals, kidnappers, adductors- are moving round the station time to time in the whole station and search the opportunity to do their jobs. Here, a child begins his life as a normal criminal. The public privileges like sanitation, food, water is totally rare or absence in station. The govt. takes many steps but it doesn't come to the effect. Public awareness is the key to minimize this station environment clean and hygienic. Above all, the usual scene at a railway station is one of din and bustle. it raises the peak when a passengers train arrives.

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