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Posted on 25th Jun 2020 10:34:35 PM Essay, Composition

... is one of the most valuable and powerful elements of success in life. It is an admirable quality in life. Man cannot continue anything properly without this quality. It is the notice of leading life in accordance with rules. It also inspires to do different things without being emotional.

Man is a social being. He cannot live alone. So he wants companion in happiness and sorrow. He cannot do whatever he likes. He has to abide by some rules. ... teaches us these rules. ... is necessary in every walk of life. It is the key to Success in life. Without this, chaos will prevail

everywhere. Everything has two side. One side is its internal and other side is its external. Generally internal side is better than that of external. The inside of anything may be called the virtue.

... is one of the best virtues of mankind. Man becomes unhappy and helpless without it. Actually it is more valuable than person in the world who have brought glory to their live we will discover that their happiness depends on it.

... is a precious treasure. Without ... life is like a ship without a rudder. It is a way to control the thoughtless action of men. We should be enforced in early life. Home is the best place for teaching this virtue.

Topic Name
1. Discipline, 2. Education, 3. Ambition, 4. Perseverance, 5. Dutifulness, 6. Integrity, 7. Amusement, 8. Honesty, 9. Value of time, 10. Kindness, 11. Patriotism, 12. Friendship, 13. Industry, 14. Truthfulness, 15. Character, 16. Co-Operation, 17. Experience, 18. Charity, 19. Confidence, 20. Obedience, 21. Faithfulness, 22.Well-Behavior, 23. Knowledge, 24. Patience, 25. Unity, 26. Struggle, 27. Moral Courage, 28. Modesty, 29. Contenment, 30. Helth, 31. Cleanliness, 32. Repentance, 33. Painstaking, 34. Early rising, 35.Punetuality, 36. Tolerance, 37. Politeness, 38. Morning walk, 39. Respect, 40. Self-reliance, 41. Courtesy, 42. Common, Sense, 43. Patience, 44. Dignity of labour, 45. Self-Employment, 46. Duties of superiors.


Topic Name
1. Population Problem, 2. Unemployment Problem, 3. Arsenic Problem, 4. Floods of Bangladesh, 5. Campaign against illiteracy, 6. Student Politics, 7. Terrorism across the world, 8. Road Accidents, 9. Satellite TV and our culture, 10. Hartal culture and our economy, 11. Student Failure in English.

... (Name) is one of the most widely talked of third-world countries like Bangladesh. In recent years (Name) has so acute across the country that it has affected the whole mode of national life. Many factors are more less responsible for this problem. Many steps have been taken in different times at national level (as well as international level) to get rid of this problem. But still (Name) has remained as a common problem is our social and national life.

Many direct and indirect causes played their respective role. The most remarkable causes behind (Name) are illiteracy, property rate etc. Besides there are also some minor causes that are also responsible to some extend for (Name)

... (Name) has had a long term serious on the social and economic production of the country. (Name) is so important affair that it has affected personal, social and national life. The economics of the country is lagging behind day by day because of this problem, poverty and illiteracy seem to be ever present in the poor countries like ours. Social crimes are gradually increasing across the country for (Name). is a problem that has affected not only national but also international community.
Many steps have been taken in different times to solve (Name). But the measures are very insufficient in comparison to the problem. In a word if we want to get rid of this problem. We have to take some effective steps immediately.

Problem was here, problem is there, problem will be everywhere. But we cannot run away from the problem. We have to right against difficulties. So we must keep on trying to solve the problem to ensure happy, peaceful and danger free life.


Topic Name
1. Female Education, 2. Mass Education, 3. Education for all, 4. Literacy Campaign, 5. Compulsory Primary Education, 6. Technical Education, 7. Removing mass Illiteracy, 8. Patriotism, 9. Poverty alleviation, 10. Freedom of the press, 11. Empowerment of woman, 12. Rural development, 13. Fish cultivation in B.D, 14. Information Telecommunication Technology, 15. Tree Plantation, 16. Democracy, 17. Newspaper Reading, 18. Political stability, 19. Sustainable Development, 20. Agricultural Development.

... (Name) is one of the most crying needs of the third world like Bangladesh. Without (Name) no nation can march. The socio-economic development of the country like Bangladesh depends to a great extent on the success of (Name). In our country the government as well as the non-government organization have been working to promote standard of (Name).

In a densely populated country like Bangladesh the importance of (Name) is beyond question. The socio-economic development of the country completely depends on the successful operation of the (Name). (Name) is so important a matter that it influences not only social life but also national the successful operation of any kind of development activities is essential to ensure the life of (Name).

Activities steps/measures taken by the Government: The Government of Bangladesh has taken different Programs/Projects/steps/measures to promote (Name). But during the recent years, the step taken by the government to develop the (Name) is insufficient to the demand. So the government should came forward-with more effective programs with a view to reaching the desired goal.

Actives ran by N.G.O Beside: Government efforts and a large number of non-government organizations are working across the country for the smooth development of (Name). The most remarkable fact is that these N.G.O. have reached the door of the mass people. They are running many long term and short term effective projects to consciousness among the backward people. And we know very well that conscious at root level plays a significant role in the successful implementation of (Name).

That nobody can deny the importance of (Name) Is clear to all. So, the government as well the non government organization must think a great concern to promote (Name) at any cost. We should have to bear in mind that more time.

... there is a wish saying that education is the backbone of a nation. However it cannot make progress without ensuring education for all. So (Name) is essential for the development of standard of standard of education. Many programs are run by government as well as the private organizations open sure (Name).

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