Example Paragraph

Posted on 29th Jul 2021 11:57:31 PM Paragraph, Short Note

(It) is very important virtue of our life. As a man we live in society and maintain peace in the society so we must have some noble virtues. (It) is is one of the most important qualities for a man to be an ideal social being. If we don’t have (it) the peace in the society will be obstructed. Besides, (it) is such a quality that leads a man to a successful life. Without (it) the possibility of being a famous person is very little. If we reed the life history of the noble and famous persons. We can see that their success was largely dependent on it. So, it has a, great demand in preparing one’s life. In fact, (it) is preferable to wealth. One may have a vast property but he may be hated only for the absence of it. In fine, we can say that without this the peace and progress of a man’s life and society is quite impossible. Hence, all of us should try our best to culture this most valuable quality in our lives for our own interest.

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