My Reading Room Paragraph

Posted on 12th Nov 2021 07:09:48 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Every student should have a reading room of his own. A reading room is used for both study and dwelling. I am Karim. I am a student. So, I have a separate reading room in my house. It is a small one. Its measure is fifteen feet by ten feet. It is in the south-east corner of our house. It has two doors and four windows. There are a table and a chair in the room. There is a shelf in the room too. I keep my books on the shelf. In the drawer of the table I keep my pen, pencils, ink-pot and other necessary things relating to my studies. My class routine, is hung upon the wall. The room is well lighted and well ventilated. So it is an ideal room for getting well with my studies. My reading room provides me the opportunity to concentrate on my study well. I like my reading room very much.

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