Olympic Games Paragraph

Posted on 17th Aug 2021 08:33:08 PM Paragraph, Short Note

The Olympic Games plays an important role in international friendship among the nations of the world. This game strengthens international brotherhood. The Olympic Games is the biggest sports competition of the world. Almost two hundred nations of the world participle in it, it is held every four years. The tradition of the Olympic Games comes from Greece. The Greek first held it almost three thousand years ago. However, a Frenchman naming Baron Pierre deCoubertin is the father of the modern Olympic Games. He founded the International Olympic Committee in 1894. Now more than 13,000 athletes compete in 33 different events in the Olympic Games. There have been 29 Olympic Games so far. The importance of Olympic Games is beyond imagination. The Olympic Games help us to remove our short coming. We become friend to each other through this game.

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