Paragraph on A Village Fair

Posted on 21st Nov 2021 07:46:32 PM Paragraph, Short Note

A village fair is a gathering of village people. It creates enthusiasm among themselves. A village fair is held annually on some religious occasions memory of some saint of the past. It is also held on the Bengali New Year's Day. It sits on any river bank, or in the yard of a temple or in a market place. A village fair lasts for a day and sometimes for several days. Temporary shops are laid out in the place of a fair. Useful things and fancy goods are sold in the fairs. Children buy toys and run up and down. Rural artisans and craftsmen display various articles. But the most attractive aspect of the village fair is its magic show, doll dance, the merry-go-round etc. People crowd around them and enjoy themselves. A village fair thus brings joy and pleasure for the villagers. Many things about rural life and culture can be learnt from a village fair.

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