Sample Paragraph

Posted on 28th Jul 2021 10:17:46 PM Paragraph, Short Note

(It) is very harmful for a man, a society and a nation. As a man, we live in society and to maintain peace and prosperity so we must be free from such a bad quality. Otherwise the peace and prosperity of a man’s life and a society will be obstructed in every step. It is harmful for not only a single person but also the whole nation. The man who wants to lead his life happily must avoid (it). Without avoiding it, none can hope to shine in life. It is one of those great curses that gradually destroy a man’s life of society or nation. So, all of us should be aware of its demerits. At first we should find carefully the cause of its origin and they take necessary steps to get rid of it. We must try get rid of it for nothing but our own interest.

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