Suppose you are Noman. Recently you have enjoyed a picnic. Now write a letter to your friend describing the picnic.

Posted on 15th May 2022 02:17:41 PM Letter

College Road
15 May, 2022

My dear Jowel,
Your will be glad to know that last Friday we went to enjoy a picnic at Kuakata Sea Beach (কুয়াকাটা সমুদ্র সৈকত). Large centrally located beach in a natural setting, known for its sunrise & sunset views. We started at 9 AM in a bus. We reached there at 11 AM. We selected a sheddy place on the bank of the sea. Then four of our Madam prepared our lunch.

I had a camera. I took several snaps of the sight. The Kuakata is really a beautiful place. We enjoyed the picnic very much.

We started our return journey at 5 PM and reached our school at 7 PM.

No more today. With love.

Yours ever,

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