Suppose, you love your country very much. It is your birth place. Now write a composition/essay on 'Your Country'.

Posted on 13th Dec 2021 11:00:44 PM Essay, Composition

[ Hints : Introduction, Where it is, What is she famous for, Natural scenery, Conclusion ]

Introduction : The name of my country is Bangladesh. She is my birth-land. I was born and brought-up in this country. I shall be buried here after my death.

Where it is : My country is one of the smallest countries in Asia continent. She achieved independence from Pakistan in the year 1971. She had to shed a river of blood for her independence. About twelve crore people live in this country.

What is she famous for : My country is full of riches, paddy and flower. She is one of the most important jute and tea exporting countries of the world.

Natural scenery : My country is full of charming with natural scenery. Her natural scenery pleases our eyes.

Conclusion : I love my country more than my life. I am proud of my country. I wish her peace and prosperity.

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