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Suppose you are Jamal. You have lost your English Grammar book. Now, write a letter to your friend to lend you a book.

Posted on 15th May 2022 01:59:58 PM Lost, My, English, Grammar, Second, Paper, Book, Return, Love, Examination, Class, Three

Station Road Sylhet 15 May, 2022 My dear Sajib, Take my love. You know that my examination will soon begin. But I have lost my English Second Paper book. I shall be very glad if you kindly lend me your book for a week only. I shall return the book in time.

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Paper Essay in English & Bengali for Class 3

Posted on 5th Feb 2022 07:28:14 PM Paper, Mills, Bangladesh, Bamboo, Straw, Rag, Wood, Writing, Printing, Books, School, College, Office, Education, Class, Three, Essays, Writing

Introduction : Paper is a very useful thing. We cannot think of modern life without paper. How made : Paper is made from bamboo, straw, rag, wood etc. These are boiled and made into pulp. There are many paper mills in Bangladesh. Kinds :There are many kinds of paper. They differ from size, colour and quality.

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Jute Essay in English & Bengali for Class 3

Posted on 4th Feb 2022 01:30:57 AM Jute, Golden, Fibre, Bangladesh, Falgoon, Chaitra, Ropes, Gunny, Bags, Carpets, Clothes, Paper, Made, Class, Three, Essays, Writing

Introduction : Jute is called golden fibre of Bangladesh. Jute grows mainly in Bangladesh. How grown : jute grows well in hot and wet climate. Farmers plough the land in March and April. Then seeds are sown. After four months' farmers cut down the plants and put under water in bundle.

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Write a paragraph on the scene in Examination Hall

Posted on 1st Jan 2022 11:23:28 PM Examination, Hall, Scene, Warning, Question, Answer, Papers, Distributed, Invigilators, Action, Student, Moving, Greek, Amphitheatre, Adopt, Unfair, Means

The scene in the examination hall is full of typical suspense. To a student the examination hall is like a Greek amphitheater where he is open to attacks form even unexpected quarters. The student has no other instrument to fight with than his pen. When the warning bell rings at 9:45 AM students take their seats.

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Essay on Newspaper for Class 3 of 116 words

Posted on 22nd Dec 2021 10:33:13 PM Newspaper, Daily, Ittefaq, Inqilab, Janakantha, Bangladesh, Observer, Samachar, Darpan, Class, Three, Essays, Writing

Introduction: Newspaper contains news of home and abroad. Modern life cannot go without newspaper. History: The newspaper was first published in China in the 16th century. Samachar Darpan was the first Bengali newspaper. Kinds: There are many kinds of newspapers daily,

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