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Write a Paragraph about Earthquakes

Posted on 17th Aug 2021 08:39:56 PM Earthquakes, Paragraph, Writing

Earthquake is a natural calamity. It causes much harm to the people. It happens naturally. It destroys life and wealth. Earthquake means trembling of the earth. When the earth trembles, tepidities and becomes restless due to centrally trepidation, it is known as earthquake.

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Write a Paragraph about Ayla

Posted on 17th Aug 2021 08:38:03 PM Ayla, Paragraph, Writing

Bangladesh is a land of natural calamity. Ayla is one of them. It took away many lives and people suffered a lot. Ayla is a natural calamity. On the day of Ayla it was drizzling from the morning. In the afternoon the wind started to blow strong and in the evening both the rain and wind become too strong.

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My Experience of a Great Day Or A Picnic Day Paragraph

Posted on 17th Aug 2021 08:36:39 PM Experience, Great, Picnic, Day, Paragraph, Writing

There are many memorable days in a man's life. I have also some. But a picnic day at Sonargaon is an unforgettable day in my life. I with my friends arranged a picnic. We selected Soanrgaon for the picnic spot. We hired a bus. We got into the bus at about 8 am.

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My Visit to Liberation War Museum Paragraph

Posted on 17th Aug 2021 08:34:47 PM Visit, Liberation, War, Museum, Paragraph, Writing

Museum is a place where various things are kept for showing to visitors. The Liberation War Museum exhibits the collection of different things of our Liberation War. I went to the Liberation War Museum at Segunbagicha, Dhaka on last 14 December. I reached the museum at 10 am.

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Olympic Games Paragraph

Posted on 17th Aug 2021 08:33:08 PM Olympic, Games, Paragraph, Writing

The Olympic Games plays an important role in international friendship among the nations of the world. This game strengthens international brotherhood. The Olympic Games is the biggest sports competition of the world. Almost two hundred nations of the world participle in it,

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