Posted on 12th Sep 2020 04:25:22 AM Paragraph

A dictionary is a stock of words of a particular language in an alphabetical order. It gives us the meaning of these words and, often, the pronunciations and the origin of these words. We can learn the usage of the words from a dictionary. Many dictionaries illustrate the meanings of the words by presenting suitable sentences. A dictionary may also use pictures or diagrams to make any idea clear. We can also learn idiomatic phrases from a dictionary. There are different types of dictionaries for different users. For ordinary readers, dictionary containing limited words will do. But for the advanced learners, an ideal dictionary is a must. The choice of a dictionary depends on category of a learner. The dictionaries are also different in accordance with their sizes. Some dictionaries are large in size and there are some pocket dictionaries, which are easily portable. There are also some digital dictionaries. However, all the dictionaries aim at giving people proper knowledge of a particular language. The learners should use suitable and standard form of dictionaries.

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