Climate Change

Posted on 12th Sep 2020 04:24:21 AM Paragraph

The world's climate is undergoing a significant change. The temperature of the world is increasing day by day. Literary, the addition of 15-20 years weather is called the climate. Increased amount of carbon dioxide around the world causes the climate change. It is the belief of many climatologists that the green house effect is the probable cause of that climate change. According to climatologists, temperature may rise by as much as 4ºC within next fifty years. As a result mankind's ability to grow food will be reduced and wilderness will face severe damage.  The height of the sea level will be raised and natural disaster like flood, drought, cyclone, tsunami etc will take place regularly. The South Asian country like Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka etc will pay the high price for climate change. It is presumed that within 30-35 years the southern part of Bangladesh will not exist in the map. Deforestation, population explosions, vehicles black smog, poisons of water -is the responsible sectors for being climate change. These types of reason break the circulation of environment co-relation. It's a great threatening to us. If we will not aware about this our next generation will not get proper environment to breath. The reach country should reduce the amount of carbon dioxide gas. Forest and more trees should be planted to increase the bank of pure oxygen. Above all, we should careful about climate change because it's now a question of our existence.


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