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Posted on 12th Sep 2020 04:35:51 AM Paragraph

It's very difficult to give proper definition about hobby. One can call it favorite habit or favorite occupation. But these habit or occupation should not be connected with any types of financial interest. So, we can say any profession or business which is beyond any profit or interest rather it gives joy and pleasure is called hobby. In this respect, gardening is one kind of hobby but nursing tree is not hobby. On the contrary, walking is a hobby because it makes our mind fresh and cheerful.

Student life is called the life of maker. In this period we get much leisure period except playing or visiting here and there. Some student waste their time by giving accompany with vagabond boys. Hobby plays a vital role in this aspect. It teaches how to utilize time. It also helps to bring a strong personality. Anyone can get good name from the society by adopting good hobby.

Every person has a hobby of their own. It may be two types. Reading story books, novels, working in garden, watching TV, listening music, playing guitar, collection of coins, cards, air ticket, making different types of foods -these are external types of hobby. On the other hand, memorizing telephone number, names, address, bill board, vehicles identification number- are internal type of hobby.

Life without hobby is like paint without color. So, every one should maintain his hobby. I am a student and I have a hobby also. My hobby is to collect stamps from different countries. It may national or international. I want to become a philatelist from my boyhood. I like this work from my inner of my heart. It's an interesting hobby. Normally, stamps are an identity of an independent nation. Almost all the countries have their own stamps. By collecting those I can know the country not only by their name but also their culture, cast and creed. All the countries are different to each other. Some are agricultural, some are industrial, some are luxurious and someone is developing or under developing.  A stamp provides the important features or achievement of a country. This hobby is educative too. By collecting stamps we can know the unknown of a country. We may know the name, special aspects and sometimes the birth day of the country.  For example, the former name of Japan is Nippon. There are many stamps by the name of Nippon but when it is independent from Britain in 1952 it become Japan. The former name of Nederland is Holland. In 1815 it become Nederland and all the stamps published after that carried this name.

This hobby provides a lot of encouragement to go ahead. I can not pass a single day without observing carefully of my stamps. I decorate these stamps into the stamps collection books. I decorate it serially and alphabetically by the name of country. There are 194 independent nation of the world. And it's a great achievement to a person to collect every single nation's stamps. I also have some rare stamps like Korea (1948), Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro which is now separated to each other. My joy ness knows no bounds when I see such type of rare stamps and all of my collection.

My father is a govt. service holder. That's why my father used to give me unusable stamps from his office. Gradually it becomes my main hobby. Preliminary I didn't get much interest but after a while I invent it perfect fully. My mother also encourages me on this regard. She helps me collect more and emphasize how to reserve those. Book, gum, color pencil, place to reserve -all these need I got my mother as a responsible one.

When I get free time I do not want to pass my time here and there. I sit with my all stamps, manage it and decorate with other carefully. When my friend and my relative usually come to my room, I make curiosity to them to sit and watch my collection book. They look very pleased and already some of my friends eager to be a philatelist.

Everybody have their future plan about their hobby. I am not beyond that. My future plan is to make a exhibition of my all collection. Although I participated in divisional exhibition but I want to step upstairs.

Thus my hobby is a great source of joy and pleasure. It relives me from my routine bound work. It helps me to forget sorrows and sufferings. It makes my mind jolly and cheerful.

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