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Newspaper means the paper which carries news and views. The word 'news' provides four different letters and these letters indicates four different corners of the earth. Where N is to north, E is to east, W is to west and S is to south. So etymologically newspaper means the news and views of all the corners of the world. All will agree that is one of the great wonders of modern science. Every morning we eagerly wait for newspaper. Some of us cannot have their breakfast until the newspaper will come. It is a part and parcel in our day to day life.
There are different kinds of newspaper. Some are dailies, some are weeklies, and some are biweeklies, monthlies and even quarterlies. The dailies contain news and views about the daily affairs of the whole world. There are some other papers which are known as periodicals and magazines. They contain literary articles.   There are many English and Bangla newspaper in our country. Among them the Ittefaq, the Inqilab, the Prthom Alo, Daily independence, daily Observer, the New nation etc are much popular in our country. Times (England), New York Times (America), Don (Pakistan), Daily Akbar(Egypt) are the famous newspaper of the world.
The newspaper was first published in China.  But history says, it was first published in England during the region of Queen Elizabeth. The Indian Gazette which was the first newspaper in Indo-Bangladesh was published in 1774. The Samachar Darpan was the first Bengli newspaper; the Christian missionaries of Srerampur published it.  Now these days are gone by in the passage of time. Man has invented printing machine. Thousands of newspapers are being printed daily all over the world.     

Freedom of the press and freedom of the newspaper-is the basic rights of a democratic country. So, the importance of newspaper cannot be exaggerated. The newspaper brings the world to our door. It develops in us a feeling that we and our country are a part of the vast world outside. By reading a newspaper we get all kinds of information from home and abroad. We get news about the latest political movements and changes in the government. Those who are interested in sports can find the result of cricket, football, hokey and tennis matches. Those who are interested in films and theaters may turn to film reviews. From the pages of the paper we may get the news about the present international situation and debate on the urgent questions of peace and war. From space research to the share markets, railway time tables and advertisement, tender notice and business information - everything has a place in it.

Reading newspaper can be highly educative too, if we only know what to look for in the paper. Thus an hour given to the reading of a newspaper is thoroughly well-utilized. Newspaper also provides educational page where different suggestions, current general knowledge, interview of the meritorious students etc - are available.  

In the presence of the internet and mobile technology we may think that the popularity and the essentiality of newspaper are becoming bright less. But if we think it we will in fool's paradise nothing else. Till now we cannot think a single day without newspaper. It's a complete messenger. It is a looking glass of the modern world.

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