Rearrange words in the appropriate order to make Meaningful Sentences

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Question: Dhaka, how, is, Kishoreganj, from, far? Answer: How far is Kishoreganj from Dhaka?
Question: in lives, a, Shefali, Dhaka, flat, in Answer: Shefale lives in a Flat in Dhaka.
Question: time, what, it, is? Answer: What time is it?
Question: some, eat to, food, body, energy, give, your. Answer: Eat some food to give your body energy.
Question: them, eat, you, must, regularly. Answer: You must eat them regularly.
Question: books, loves, read, Rahi, to. Answer: Rahi loves to read books.
Question: your, is, of, name, what, the home town? Answer: What is the name of your hometown?
Question: of, juice, a, drink, lot, and, water. Answer: Drink a lot of water and juice.
Question: do, what, sports, like, you? Answer: What sports do you like?
Question: how, is, Khulna, far, Dhaka, from? Answer: How far is Khulna from Dhaka?
Question: read, class, in, I, five. Answer: I read in class five.
Question: father, is, ill, your? Answer: Is your father ill?
Question: you, David, I'll, introduce, to Answer: I’ll introduce you to David.
Question: home, I, very, my, town, am, proud, of. Answer: I am very proud of my hometown.
Question: a, fever, cough, has, she, a, throat, sore, a, and. Answer: She has a cough, a sore throat and a fever.
Question: in, free, read, I, often, magazines, my, time. Answer: I often read magazine in my free time.
Question: kind, what, food, of, you, do, regularly, eat. Answer: What kind of food do you eat regularly?
Question: Full-time, Raju, a, firefighter, is. Answer: Raju is a full-time firefighter.
Question: improve, wants, to, his, he, English. Answer: He wants to improve his English.
Question: your, is, of, name, what, the, hometown? Answer: What is the name of your hometown?
Question: liquid, water, is, a, substance. Answer: Water is a liquid substance.
Question: medicines, doctor, her, some, the, prescribed. Answer: The doctor prescribed her some medicines.
Question: forget, for, Raju, many, could, not, this, days. Answer: Raju could not forget this for many days.
Question: does, what, watch, on TV, Saikat? Answer: What does Saikat Watch on Tv?
Question: a, good, mix, of, your, foods, needs, body. Answer: Your body needs a good mix of foods.
Question: strong, helps, to, milk, us, make. Answer: Milk helps to make us strong.
Question: I, school, soon, want, go, to again, to. Answer: I want to go to school again soon.
Question: lives, parents, Saikat, his, with. Answer: Saikat lives with his parents.
Question: grains, energy, us, give. Answer: Grains give us energy.
Question: books, animals, he, about, likes. Answer: He likes books about animals.
Question: like, things, and, milk, are, products, eggs, dairy. Answer: Dairy products are things like milk and eggs.
Question: pyramid, look, of, the, picture, at, the, food. Answer: Look at the picture of the Food Pyramid.
Question: through, town, the, Narasunda, the, river, flows. Answer: The river Narasunda flows through the town.
Question: very, she, warm, feels. Answer: She feels very warm.
Question: cousin, UK, lives, my, in, the. Answer: My cousin lives in the UK.
Question: my time, I, leisure, spend, gardening, in. Answer: I spend my leisure time gardening.
Question: pure, a, water, lot, drink, of. Answer: Drink a lot of pure water.
Question: to, I, Sylhet, going, am. Answer: I am going to Sylhet.
Question: seconds, a, 60, minute, make. Answer: 60 seconds make a minute.
Question: have, do, nickname, a, you? Answer: Do you have a nickname?
Question: journey, a, good, have. Answer: Have a good journey.
Question: TV, watches, cartoons, he, on. Answer: He watches cartoons on TV.
Question: me, soon, to, write. Answer: Write to me soon.
Question: introduce, myself, I, may? Answer: May I introduce myself?
Question: a, fruit, should, you, eat, and, lot of, vegetables. Answer: You should eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.
Question: a, good, mix, of, your, foods, needs, body. Answer: Your body needs a good mix of foods.
Question: panicked, afraid, very, but, no, was, one, everyone. Answer: Everyone was very afraid but no one panicked.
Question: her, sewing, in, she, time, free, enjoys. Answer: She enjoys sewing in her free time.
Question: do, spend, you, how, time, your, leisure? Answer: How do you spend your leisure time?
Question: in, leaving, our, is, 10 minutes, train. Answer: Our train is leaving in 10 minutes.
Question: eat, that, foods, gives, your, energy, body. Answer: Eat foods that give you energy.
Question: you, coughing, are, or, sneezing? Answer: Are you coughing or sneezing?
Question: work, go, or, don't, school, to. Answer: Don’t go to school or work.
Question: soft, better, they, than, are, drinks. Answer: They are better than soft drinks.
Question: regularly, hands, your, wash. Answer: Wash your hands regularly.
Question: time, we’ll, have, good, a. Answer: We'll have a good time.
Question: have, Let’s fun, some! Answer: Let's have some fun!
Question: the, my, in, walk, in, I, park, time, free. Answer: I walk in the park in my free time.
Question: action, say, how, done, adverbs, an, is. Answer: Adverbs say how an action is done.
Question: again, it, do, please. Answer: Do it again, please.
Question: day, it, is, what, tomorrow? Answer: What day is it tomorrow?
Question: month, is, what, now, it? Answer: What month is it now?
Question: cricket, I, like, and, kabadi. Answer: I like cricket and kabadi.
Question: your, name, what’s, full? Answer: What’s your full name?
Question: Book Fair, see, I’ll, the, at, you. Answer: I’ll see you at the Book Fair.
Question: too, meeting, nice, you. Answer: Nice meeting you, too.
Question: grandmother, is, your, now? Answer: How is your grandmother?
Question: club, there, a new, is, today, in club, the. Answer: Today there is a new person in the club.
Question: we’re, where, going, that’s. Answer: That’s where we’re going.
Question: can, picture, well, I, take, of, it, a. Answer: Well, I can take a picture of it.
Question: nearby, is, a library, there? Answer: Is there a library nearby?
Question: is, library, the, College Road, on. Answer: The library is on the College Road.
Question: will be, the library, on, left, your. Answer: The library will be on your left.
Question: on, turn, Road, College, right. Answer: Turn right on College Road.
Question: On Park, then, left, street, turn. Answer: Then turn left on Park Street.
Question: is, corner, the supermarket, on, the. Answer: The supermarket is on the corner.
Question: walk, its only, here, five, from, minutes. Answer: It’s only five minutes walk from here.
Question: a game, to, Do, want, play, you? Answer: Do you want to play a game?
Question: like, do, what, play, you, games, to? Answer: What game do you like to play?
Question: French, you, speak, can? Answer: Can you speak French?
Question: friend's, what's, best, name, your? Answer: What's your best friend's name?
Question: Bangladesh, tourist, what, the, main, spots, in, are? Answer: What are the main tourist spots in Bangladesh?
Question: Spot, is, most, Cox’s Bazar, popular, tourist. Answer: Cox’s Bazar is the most popular tourist spot.
Question: the, loved, and, sea, the beach, I! Answer: I love the sea and the beach.
Question: in, there, many, our country, to, are, place, see. Answer: There are many places to see in our country.
Question: can, the beauty, there, you, tea gardens, enjoy, of, there, the. Answer: You can enjoy the beauty of the tea gardens there.
Question: there, some, there are, wonderful, waterfall’s. Answer: There are some wonderful waterfalls there.
Question: coral, Bangladesh, it’s, only, island, in, the. Answer: It’s the only coral island in Bangladesh.
Question: and, cruises, safe, are, exciting, the. Answer: The cruises are exciting and safe.
Question: is, Taknaf, far, How, from, Chattogram? Answer: How far is Chittagong from Taknaf?
Question: measuring, mile, is, distance, a unit, nautical, for, A, at sea. Answer: A nautical mile is a unit for measuring distance at sea.
Question: game, it, a, fantastic, was. Answer: It was a fantastic game.
Question: find, can’t, home work, my, I. Answer: I can’t find my homework.
Question: home, Now, time, to, back, go, it's. Answer: Now it’s time to go back home.
Question: Breakfast, they’re, having. Answer: They're having breakfast.
Question: helping, father, they’re, their. Answer: They’re helping their father.
Question: ten, quarter, it’s, past. Answer: It’s quarter past ten.
Question: it’s, ten, half, past. Answer: It’s half past ten.
Question: 11, it’s, to, quarter. Answer: It’s quarter to 11.
Question: was, in, the, the forest, hare, animal, fastest, the. Answer: The hare was the fastest animal in the forest.
Question: felt, tortoise, the, angry. Answer: The tortoise felt angry.
Question: the tortoise, on and on, walked, steadily. Answer: The tortoise walked steadily, on and on.
Question: he passed, soon, sleeping, the, hare. Answer: Soon, he passed the sleeping hare.
Question: an, the, slept, hour, hare, for. Answer: The hare slept for an hour.
Question: almost, line, was, at the, tortoise, finish! Answer: Tortoise was almost at the finish line!
Question: furious, the, was, hare! Answer: The hare was furious!
Question: wins, slow, race, but, the, steady. Answer: Slow but steady wins the race!
Question: is, birthday, day, A person’s, a special. Answer: A person's birthday is a special day.
Question: on, there, candles, are, the cake. Answer: There are candles on the cake.
Question: a song, the, people, sing, for, person. Answer: People sing a song for the person.
Question: sweet, there, special, is, food, like. Answer: There is special food, like sweets.
Question: in, gifts, colourful, the, are, wrapped, paper. Answer: The gifts are wrapped in colourful paper.
Question: a toy, or, clothes, the gift, some, a book, be, may. Answer: The gift may be a toy, a book or some clothes.
Question: your, you, have, homework, done? Answer: Have you done your homework?
Question: for, long, ok, too, play, don’t, but. Answer: Ok, but don't play for too long.
Question: in, may, please, come, I? Answer: May I come in please?
Question: are, you, why, late? Answer: Why are you late?
Question: is, father, ill, my. Answer: My father is ill.
Question: doctor's, were, we, at, the, chamber. Answer: We were at the doctor’s chamber.
Question: soon, i, your, gets, hope, well, father. Answer: I hope your father gets well soon.
Question: help, you, could, me? Answer: Could you help me?
Question: put, the kitchen, would, in, dishes, you, these? Answer: Would you put these dishes in the kitchen?
Question: on, bird's, strings, make! Answer: Make birds on strings!
Question: birds, cut, out, the. Answer: Cut out the birds.
Question: one, a bird, on, glue, side, put, of. Answer: Put glue on one side of a bird.
Question: an, each, on, draw, eye. Answer: Draw an eye on each.
Question: across, lay, it, of, a piece, string. Answer: Lay a piece of string across it.
Question: to, hanger, tie, the, the string. Answer: Tie the strings to the hanger.
Question: on, make, string, birds! Answer: Make birds on strings!
Question: or, sports, do, play, do, any, you? Answer: Do you play or do any sports?
Question: on, play, family, weekends, I, with, my. Answer: I play with my family on weekends.
Question: and, I, cricket, do, I, play, weightlifting. Answer: I play cricket and I do weightlifting.
Question: strong, is, my brother, very. Answer: My brother is very strong.
Question: and, volleyball, plays, kabadi, He. Answer: He plays Kabadi and volleyball.
Question: favourite, my, sport, that's. Answer: That’s my favourite sport.
Question: every, years, are, four, the, held, Olympics. Answer: The Olympics are held every four years.
Question: in, Olympic, 1896, the modern, games, started. Answer: The modern Olympic Games started in 1896.
Question: held, How, are, Olympics, often, the? Answer: How often are the Olympics held?
Question: at, bus, the, 10 a.m., museum, reached, our. Answer: Our bus reached the museum at 10 a.m.
Question: for, was, A, waiting, us, guide. Answer: A guide was waiting for us.
Question: 12:30, museum, at, we, the, left. Answer: We left the museum at 12.30.
Question: a, when, class, did, trip, the class, go on, field? Answer: When did the class go on a field trip?
Question: spring, it's, day, beautiful, a. Answer: It’s a beautiful spring day.
Question: up, Maria, early, gets. Answer: Maria gets up early.
Question: smell, outside, can, the flowers, she, her home. Answer: She can smell the flowers outside her home.
Question: school, for, is, ready, she. Answer: She is ready for school.
Question: was, unable, she, born, to, since, been, see, has, she. Answer: She has been unable to see since she was born.
Question: everyday, to, she, school, goes. Answer: She goes to school every day.
Question: uses, dots, Braille, script, is, that, a, raised. Answer: Braille is a script that uses raised dots.
Question: is, each, from, letter, made, dots. Answer: Each letter is made from dots.
Question: Braille, at, books, are, Her, school, in, Answer: Her books at school are in Braille.
Question: January, Cub, I went, to a, camporee, last. Answer: Last January I went to a cub camporee.
Question: Place, the cub, in sreemangal, took, camporee. Answer: The cub camporee took place in Sreemangal.
Question: in, arrived, we, morning, the. Answer: We arrived in the morning.
Question: two, were, leaders, 10 of us, there, and. Answer: There were 10 of us and two leaders.
Question: together, group, we, in, walked, our. Answer: We walked together in our group.
Question: lunch, had, then, we. Answer: Then we had lunch.
Question: and, cooked, chicken, we, rice. Answer: We cooked rice and chicken.
Question: fun!, tents, At night, it was, we, slept, in our. Answer: It was fun! At night, we slept in our tents.
Question: a small, walked, hill, quietly, we, up. Answer: We walked quietly up a small hill.
Question: looked up, saw, we, a gibbon, and! Answer: We looked up and saw a gibbon!
Question: a great, it, day, was! Answer: It was a great day!
Question: Sonargaon, to, year, went, last, I. Answer: I went to Sonargaon last year.
Question: the city, of, we, panam, saw. Answer: We saw the city of Panam.
Question: own food, had, a picnic, we, our, took, and. Answer: We took our own food and had a picnic.
Question: are, Laila, Bithi, and, friends. Answer: Laila and Bithi are friends.
Question: specially, stories, countries, other, loves, she, about. Answer: She especially loves stories about other countries.
Question: is, Rokeya, Laila's, Khan, friend. Answer: Rokeya Khan is Laila's friend.
Question: also, is, Bangladeshi, she. Answer: She is also a Bangladeshi.
Question: 18 September, her, is, 2007, birthday. Answer: Her birthday is 18 September, 2007.
Question: about, very, I'm, sad, it. Answer: I'm very sad about it.
Question: disasters, are, the world, many, in, there. Answer: There are many disasters in the world.
Question: we, what, do, can? Answer: What can we do?
Question: prepare, we, disasters, can, natural, for. Answer: We can prepare for natural disasters.
Question: flooded, field, the, river, the. Answer: The river flooded the field.
Question: the roof, the wind, away, blowing, is. Answer: The wind is blowing the roof away.
Question: repairing, are, bridge, the workers, the. Answer: The workers are repairing the bridge.
Question: remember, Babul, cyclone, doesn’t, Aila. Answer: Babul doesn’t remember Cyclone Aila.
Question: a grocery, father, shop, Babul’s, had. Answer: Babul father had a grocery shop.
Question: rain, on, there, the morning, 25 May, in, was right. Answer: There was light rain in the morning on 25 May.
Question: checked, emergency kit, his, the family’s, grandparents. Answer: His grandparents checked the family's emergency kit.
Question: Babul’s, crying, couldn’t, family, stop. Answer: Babul’s family couldn’t stop crying.
Question: went, for them, father, out, Babul’s, to look. Answer: Babul’s father went out to look for them.
Question: Nipa, He, a field, found, in. Answer: He found Nipa in a field.
Question: remember, she, anything, didn't. Answer: She didn't remember anything.
Question: never, the family, him, found. Answer: The family never found him.
Question: does, make, what, a frog, sound? Answer: What sound does a frog make?
Question: isn't, sound, it, beautiful, a. Answer: It isn’t a beautiful sound.
Question: more beautiful, the birds, could, they, sing, than. Answer: They could sing more beautiful than the birds.
Question: had, the, voice, bluster, beautiful, most. Answer: Bluster had the most beautiful voice.
Question: Such, voice, it, a big, was. Answer: It was such a big voice.
Question: not to, tell, they, the birds, decided. Answer: They decided not to tell the birds.
Question: sitting, birds, the tree, the, were, in. Answer: The birds were sitting in the tree.
Question: was, bed, bluster, sleeping, his, in. Answer: Bluster was sleeping in his bed.
Question: a glass, they, it, jar, put, into. Answer: They put it into a glass jar.
Question: took, outside, the glass, pluck and Moxie, jar. Answer: Pluck and Moxie took the glass jar outside.
Question: took dark, were, it was, and, too small, the pieces. Answer: It was too dark and the pieces were too small.
Question: up, they, the pieces, picked, carefully. Answer: They carefully picked up the pieces.
Question: finally, up, the animal, that, woke, afternoon. Answer: That afternoon, the animals finally woke up.
Question: voice, from, blusters, was, the trees, coming. Answer: Bluster’s voice was coming from the tress.
Question: the birds, looked up, they, saw, singing, and! Answer: They looked up and saw the birds singing!

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