The Importance of Learning English

Posted on 12th Sep 2020 04:41:52 AM Paragraph

The importance of learning English cannot be exaggerated. English is an international language and its importance is internationally recognized. We feel the necessity of learning English at every step. Day by day it is getting the status of a common language. For building a knowledge based society, learning is a must. Because, most of the books of science, technology and higher studies -are written in English. We cannot have access to the latest privileges of science and technology such as computers and internet without knowing English. If we don't know English, we will lag behind in education and science as well as in other aspects of life. We do not find it easy to live abroad unless we know English. Almost all the public and private institution asks for the English based candidates. Banks, business firms, high officers, company manager -where English is avoidable? But unfortunately English does not find its due position in Bangladesh. Till now, large numbers of school or college students are being failed in the subject of English. As a result Bangladesh has remained backward in education, research as well as other walks of life. By now good sense seems to have dawned upon our educational policy makers. They seek to teach English in the manner it deserves. Now we should do well to equip ourselves with English in order that we may compete with the citizens of other countries and stand in the struggle for existence.

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