What is Exclamatory Sentence? Give examples.

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What a nice bird it is! ( কি সুন্দর পাখিটি !) Alas ! I am undone. ( হায় ! আমার সর্বনাশ হয়েছে।) এই Sentence গুলাের দ্বারা মনের আকস্মিক ভাব বা আবেগ প্রকাশ পাচ্ছে। Exclamatory Sentence দ্বারা মনের আকস্মিক ভাব বা আবেগ প্রকাশ পায়। তাই এগুলাে Exclamatory Sentence। অতএব, যে Sentence দ্বারা মনের আকস্মিক ভাব বা আবেগ প্রকাশ পায় তাকে Exclamatory Sentence বলে। ( A sentence that expresses sudden feeling or strong emotion of the speaker is called an Exclamatory Sentence. ) Note: Exclamatory Sentence এ বিস্ময়সূচক চিহ্ন (!) বসে। Alas/Hurrah দ্বারা sentence শুরু হলে তাদের পরেই Note of Exclamation বা বিস্ময়সূচক চিহ্ন (!) বসে। আর How/What ব্যবহৃত হলে Sentence এর শেষে বিস্ময়সূচক চিহ্ন (!) বসে। নিচে বিভিন্ন Word থেকে গঠিত Sentence এর কিছু উদাহরণ দেয়া হলাে:

A few : In a few minutes the hare was out of sight. 
A lot of : I have a lot of books. 
About : About 4 weeks make a year. 
About : Let's talk about time. 
Above : None is above law. 
Across : He was walking across the field. 
Active : By eating breakfast we will feel strong and active. 
Active : She likes to do active things. 
Again : I should say it again. 
Again : Read the poem again. 
Ago : It was a long time ago. 
Agree : They agreed to run a race. 
Already : The hare is already half-way through. 
Amazingly : Amazingly he escaped death. 
Angry : The tortoise become angry. 
Answer : Correct the answer. 
Anything : Can I do anything for you? 
Around : There are shops around the town. 
Arranged : We arranged the tent. 
Arrive : We arrived Jamalpur at 8 a.m. 
Ask : Parents ask other children to come and have a party. 
Asleep : The hare fell asleep. 
Attentively : The visitors listened attentively. 
Avoid : Avoid mistakes. 
Banker : Mr. Islam is a banker. 
Beautiful : You can see beautiful waterfalls. 
Beauty : The beauty of Srimangal is charming. 
Become : He becomes a firefighter. 
Become : They become friend. 
Begin : The exam begins. 
Behind : He lags behind as he is lazy. 
Below : Look at each food item below. 
Beside : The hare has a nap beside a tree. 
Better : You'll better eat your breakfast. 
Biggest : The Olympic Games is the biggest sports competition. 
Blow : The wind started to blow. 
Brave : Kamal is a brave man. 
Break : He heard the breaking sounds of trees. 
Break : We had a lunch break. 
Breakfast : Breakfast is the most important meals of the day. 
Bring : He brought an art-piece. 
Build : They are building a house. 
Buy : I'll buy a shirt. 
Bye : Thanks. Bye! 
Cage : The bird is in a cage. 
Call : My father is calling me. 
Certainly : You certainly feel the change. 
Check : Check your answer. 
Choose : Choose the best answer. 
Clean : The first day started with cleaning. 
Come : I came to Dhaka with my father. 
Come from : She comes from Cumilla. 
Command : The officer gives command. 
Common : They have many things in common. 
Compare : Compare your answer with your partner. 
Competition : Last year I took part in essay competition. 
Completely : His house was completely ruined. 
Consist of : The district consists of 13 upazilas. 
Conversation : Practice the conversation. 
Cook : Our senior brothers cooked lunch. 
Correct : Choose the correct answer. 
Cover : Cover your food. 
Culture : Our culture is rich. 
Dairy products : Dairy products are milk, cheese, yogurt etc. 
Dangerous : Smoking is dangerous. 
Dark : Everything was so dark. 
Day : 7 days make a week. 
Decide : We will decide that. 
Depend : We depend on our parents. 
Describe : Describe the works of a farmer. 
Destroy : The cyclone destroyed many houses.
Different : Different people have different tastes. 
Different : He is different from you.
Direction : Here are the directions. 
Discuss : Discuss the following questions. 
Dislike : What you dislike most? 
Display : We took part in a display. 
Draw : I can draw a picture. 
Draw : I like to draw picture. 
Dream : Life is like a dream. 
Dress : She has a nice dress. 
Drink : They have no safe drinking water. 
Drop : I have to drop her. 
Each : Look at each food item. 
Early : Maria wakes up early in the morning. 
Energy : Food gives us energy. 
Enjoy : They enjoy the day in different ways. 
Enjoy : We enjoyed a picnic. 
Enjoy : You can enjoy the beauty of the tea gardens. 
Enough : Take enough rest. 
Especially : She especially loves to read story books: 
Every day : He goes to school every day. 
Everyone : Everyone got afraid. 
Example : Give an example of Noun. 
Example : Give an example of Noun. 
Experience : It was a memorable experience. 
Faint: Babul suddenly fainted. 
Fair : See you at the fair. 
Famous : The town is famous for many things. 
Famous : We went to a famous tea cabin.
Fan : This is a fan. 
Fantastic : Going cycling with friends is fantastic? 
Far : The tortoise must be far behind. 
Fast : He ran as fast as he could. 
Feel : She can feel the soft warmth of the sun. 
Feel : You will feel strong. 
Field : He works in the field. 
Find : I cannot find out my pen. 
Fine : I am fine. 
Finish : Finish your homework. 
Finish : He saw the finishing line. 
Flow : A river flows across the town. 
Following : Remember the following points. 
Following : Say the following dates in English. 
Food : We should eat good food. 
Forget : I'll never forget you. 
Forget : He could not forget this. 
Found : He founded the IOC in 1894. 
Free : We are free. 
Freedom : We got our freedom in 1971. 
Fresh : We should eat fresh fruits. 
Friend : Helen is my friend. 
Fulltime : Kamal is a full time fire fighter. 
Fun : Have fun in Dhaka. 
Fun : We have a lot of fun. 
Gap : Fill in the gaps. 
Generally : Generally he goes to sleep at 10 p.m. 
Gentle : Who is the gentleman? 
Get up : He gets up at 5 o'clock. 
Get : She has got the flu. 
Gets well : He gets well from his illness. 
Give : They gave away their lives. 
Go : I go to school. 
Go down : Our voice goes down when we whisper. 
Go up : His voice goes up when he talks. 
Good : Have a good journey. 
Grapes : Grapes are sour. 
Great : He is a great man. 
Great : He was a great painter. 
Great : It was great fun. 
Greeting : We exchange greetings on Eid day. 
Ground : It is the Largent Eid Ground. 
Group : Other groups sang songs. 
Group : Work in groups. 
Happy : Happy birthday to you. 
Happy : Luna is happy. 
Health : Health is wealth. 
Healthy : Foods keep us healthy. 
 Heavy : The load is heavy. 
Help : I helped them. 
Holiday : I'm going to Dhaka on holiday. 
Homework : Faiza has done all her homework. 
Hope : I hope your father gets well soon. 
Hot : It's hot today. 
Hour : 24 hours make a day. 
Huge : It will be a huge disaster for us. 
Hungry : I feet hungry. 
Hurry : Are you in a hurry?
Idea : Good idea. 
Idea : It's a good idea. 
Important : Foods are important for our health. 
Improve : I want to improve my English. 
Independence : 26 March is the independence day of Bangladesh. 
Information : Use your own information. 
Inside : We went inside the Gallery 6. 
Interesting : The story was interesting. 
International : The 21st of February' is called International Mother Language day. S
Interview : He is in an interview board. 
Introduce : Let me introduce myself. 
Item : Look at each food item below. 
Join : He joined the army. 
Join : I can join you now. 
Journey : May you have a good journey. 
Keep : Foods can keep us healthy. 
Kind : Braille is a kind of script. 
Know : I know him. 
Land lord : There was a landlord in our village.
Large : Solakia Eid Ground is the largest Eid ground. 
Last: December is the last month. 
Late : He is late by five minutes. 
Laugh : Don't laugh at the poor. 
Learn : Sabina learnt to tell the time. 
Learn : She is learning to read. 
Learner : She is a quick learner. 
Leave : I leave my keys with him. 
Leave : Our train leaves in 10 minutes. 
Leisure : Take rest in your leisure. 
Length : They are not of the same length. 
Liberation : We visited the Liberation War museum. 
Like : I like cartoon. 
Like : I like to see some new places. 
Like : She is like her mother. 
List : Here is the list of things. 
Listen : They listen to CD. 
Little : Can't you move a little faster? 
Little : The baby is little. 
Live : I live in Jessore. 
Live : Saikat lives with his parents. 
Long : He works all day long. 
Long : The hare slept long. 
Long : The long hand is the minute hand. 
Look : The tortoise looked back. 
Look at : He looked at me.
Love : I love swimming. 
Lovely : It's a lovely winter morning. 
Lovely : She can't see the lovely flower. 
Magazine : Campus Life is the name of a magazine. 
Magazine : The sunshine is a wall magazine. 
Make : She makes dresses. 
Manage : He managed to stand up. 
Master : Zainul Abedin was a great master of painting. 
Match : Match your answer with him. 
Measure : Measure the treasure. 
Meet : There she meets Botching. 
Meet : It was nice to meet you. 
Memorable : A birthday is a memorable day in one's life. 
Minute : 60 minutes make an hour. 
Miss : His sister was missing. 
Month : 12 months make a year. 
Move : It was moving very slowly. 
Movie : We watch movies on DVD. 
Music : I love music. 
Near : The tortoise was near the finishing line. 
Near : They agreed to finish the race at a place near the forest. 
Need : We need a good mix of foods. 
Neighbour : Mrs. Khan is her neighbour. 
Never : Never tell a lie. 
New : She can't see the new green leaves.
News : I have a good news for you. 
Next : I sit next to Jasim. 
Next : The next day was more interesting. 
Nice : How nice! 
Occur : It occurs every four years. 
Of course : Of course you can. 
Often : He often comes here. 
Old : He is ten years old. 
Only : Only he was alive. 
Open : He opened his eyes. 
Outside : He stays outside. 
Own : Use your own information. 
Pain : Babul was shocked with grief and pain. 
Painting : I love painting. 
Painting : She likes painting.
Panicked : Everyone got panicked. 
Parents : I love my parents. 
Participate : More than 200 nations participate in it. 
Party : Today is my birthday party. 
Pass : The tortoise passed the hare. 
Period : I have a class in the next period. 
Person : He is a famous person. 
Picture : I have a nice picture. 
Place : Where is the place? 
Play : They play games. 
Plenty : We should eat plenty of rice. 
Popular : The most popular tourist spot of Bangladesh is Cox's Bazar. 
Popular : There are two popular writers here. 
Post : A wall magazine is posted on a wall. 
Practice : They practice speaking English. 
Prepare : We prepared our breakfast. 
Present : Other groups presented comic shows. 
Prevent : Vitamins prevent diseases. 
Problem : I have no problem. 
Programme : We enjoyed a cultural programine. 
Proud : I am very proud of my town. 
Put out : He puts out the fire. 
Question : Answer the questions. 
Quick : He took us on a quick tour. 
Quick : The tortoise is a quick runner. 
Reach : The tortoise had reached the finishing line. 
Really : Really, he is a good man. 
Recite : Other teams recited poems. 
Regularly : We must eat vegetables regularly. 
Remember : Remember the following points. 
Rise : The sun rises in the east. 
River : I swim in the river. 
Row : Crows are sitting in rows. 
Sad : Rana looks sad. 
Same : They are in the same group. 
Scared : I get very scared. 
Second : 60 seconds make a minute. 
See : They see a foreigner. 
Sell : The shop sells tea. 
Shine : The sun shines. 
Shocked : He was shocked with grief. 
Short : In a short time he came. 
Short : The short hand is the hour hand. 
Show : It was a pleasant show. 
Show : Show me your homework. 
Sight : Out of sight, out of mind. 
Sit down : Let's sit down and chat. 
Sleep : The hare was sleeping. 
Sleep : We sleep at night. 
Slow : The tortoise was slow. 
Slowly : He walks slowly. 
Small : This is a small town. 
Smell : She can smell the flowers. 
Smoke : Smoke pollutes the air. 
Snow : The house is built of snow. 
Soft : The bed is soft. 
Something : Something is better than nothing. 
Soon : He will get well soon. 
Soon : Soon, he fell asleep. 
Sorry : I'm sorry, Ma'am. 
Sorry : Sorry, friend. 
Speak : We should always speak the truth. 
Speak : He speaks English well. 
Speech : Change the speech.
Spend : I spend all my money. 
Spread : Fly spreads diseases.
Stand : Rashid stands at the door. 
Start : Mrs. Alamin has started the lesson. 
Start : They started from under a tree.
Statement : Make a statement. 
Stay : Do not stay beside partition. 
Stay : Stay at home. 
Story : He reads story books every day. 
Street: The city has wide streets. 
Stress : Stress on your speaking English. 
Strings : I need four strings. 
Strong : Foods make us strong. 
Strong : The wind became too strong. 
Student : He is a good student. 
Student : Faiza is a student. 
Study : We went on a study tour. 
Suddenly : Suddenly he saw a tortoise. 
Sufficient : They had no sufficient food. 
Surely : You will surely remember your lessons better. 
Surprise : He looked around and was in surprise. 
Survive : We have survived. 
Swimming : I sometimes go swimming in the river. 
Take : We should take care of our health. 
Talk : Don't talk too much. 
Talk : She is talking to her mother. 
Talk : They talk about their likes and dislikes. 
Taste : The tea tastes well. 
Team : Our team had ten members. 
Tell : I'll tell you a story. 
Tell : Tell me the time. 
Thin : Tommy is very thin. 
Thing : There are many things in our house. 
Think : He thought he could do the work. 
Think : Think before doing. 
Through : He passed half-way through. 
Together : People started working together. 
Touch : She is learning by touching. 
Tourist : Tourists come to visit Cox's Bazar. 
Tradition : The tradition of Olympic Games comes from Greece. 
Treasure : We have no treasure. 
Turn : Turn left and you will find it. 
Under : He sat under a tree. 
Use : We use pen to write with. 
Useful : The cow is a useful animal. 
Usually : She usually goes shopping. 
Van : The fan is on the van. 
Veil : Some woman wear veil. 
Very : The tortoise was moving very slowly. 
Vine : He plants vine. 
Visit : Kamal likes to visit schools. 
Visit : Tania is visiting Sirajganj. 
Visitor : The visitors stopped and listened. 
Visually : Maria is visually impaired. 
Wait : A guide was waiting. 
Wake up : He wakes up at last. 
Walk : I walk every morning. 
Walk : The tortoise walked slowly. 
Want : He wants to improve his English. 
Want : I want a pen. 
Watch : He watches cartoons on TV. 
Watch : They watch movies on DVD. 
Watch : Watch the clock carefully. 
Wear : She wears shoe. 
Wear : They wear new clothes. 
Welcome : He welcomed us. 
Well : Well, I go for a walk every day. 
Win : Slow but steady wins the race. 
Wind : Wind blows. 
Wish : I wish I were a bird. 
Woman : A woman is coming. 
Work : He's working with an NGO. 
Worm : The sun keeps us worm in winter. 
Write : He writes slowly. 
Wrong : What is wrong, Akram? 
Year : 365 days make a year. 
Young : He trains young people. 
Zoo : She is at the zoo.

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