Essay on Student Life

Posted on 16th Dec 2021 10:01:16 PM Essay, Composition

Introduction : Student life is the best period of man's life. In this period, people learn in schools and colleges how to make the best use of time. It is rightly called the seed time of human life.

Duties of student : The first and foremost duty of a student is to acquire knowledge. For this he has to study hard. He must study how to qualify himself for the future life. Proper education will make him a good citizen.

Social activities : At the time of preparing himself, a student can do many social activities. He can teach the illiterate people. He can teach them about family planning and sanitation. During flood, he can help the poor people.

Conclusion : The student life is like a foundation of a man's life. If your foundation is strong then you must be successful in your life. So the success of future life depends on student life. It is the seed time of a man's life. So every student should make the best use of this period.

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