My Aim in Life Essay

Posted on 16th Dec 2021 10:11:55 PM Essay, Composition

Introduction : 'An aim' means a particular goal of life. Success in life depends largely on the right selection of an aim in life. Everyone should choose it wisely and carefully.

My aim : I am now in class VIII. I hope to take up Science Group when I am promoted to class IX. Study of Science upto the Intermediate stage is necessary to study medicine. From my childhood, I have wished to be a doctor. So I shall take up science in the S.S.C. and H.S.C. classes. After passing these examinations I shall get myself admitted in a Medical College for the MBBS course. I know that this is a difficult study. I shall have to work very hard for five years.

Choice of profession : I always wanted to take up an independent profession. I consider that the medical profession is the best. I shall never take up any job. This independent career will give me the best chance for serving the suffering people of my poor country.

Service to the people : I intend to begin my career as a doctor in my own village. I have seen how the village quacks extort money from the simple folks. So my first duty will be to put a stop to the fraud practised by the quacks. I shall then set up a charitable dispensary in my village. I shall give medical aid to the villagers free of charge. I shall, of course, take fees from the rich people. I shall set up a hospital with a few beds for emergency and serious cases.

Conclusion : I believe that in no other profession one can serve the people better than this. I hope my desire will be fulfilled and my attempts will be crowned with success.

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