Suppose, you have gone to Cumilla by train. This train journey gave you much pleasure. Now, write a composition/essay on 'A Journey by Train'.

Posted on 14th Dec 2021 11:56:25 PM Essay, Composition

[ Hints : Introduction, Starting station, Description of the journey, Conclusion ]

Introduction : A journey by train is a very pleasant one. During the last Summer Vacation I went to Cumilla by train at the invitation of my uncle. This journey was very interesting.

Starting station : I started from Dhaka at 6 AM. The train steamed off with the whistle of the guard. All the compartments were full of passengers. The coolies were moving here and there. Hawkers were shouting peculiarly.

Description of the journey : The passengers of different districts of the compartment were talking on different topics. The train was running at a full speed. The trees and plants on both sides seemed running towards opposite directions. The scenery around us was very charming. I reached at Cumilla station at 11 AM. Then I went to my uncle's house by a rickshaw. My uncle received me warm-heartedly.

Conclusion : The journey by train from Dhaka to Cumilla was very pleasant. It gave me an idea about many things around me during the journey.

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