Suppose, you know many things about rice. It is our main food. Now, write a composition/essay on 'Rice'.

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[ Hints : Introduction, Where grown, Kinds, Cultivation, How obtained, Usefulness, Conclusion ]

Introduction : Rice is our chief food. About half of the people of the world eat rice.

Where grown : Rice grows best in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Thailand and Mayanmar. It grows in hot and moist climate.

Kinds : There are four kinds of rice in our country. They are Aus, Aman, IRRI and Boro. Aus is coarse but Aman is fine. Balam, Biroi and Kataribhog are sine rice. Kalazira and Chinigura are still more fine. Aus rice ripens in Sraban and Bhadra. Aman rice ripens in Agrahayan and Pous. The Boro rice grows in the spring season. IRRI is grown throughout the year. It needs irrigation.

Cultivation : Rice is grown in two ways. Either seeds are sown or seedlings are transplanted. In both the cases lands are ploughed well. Irrigation is necessary for better production.

How obtained : Boiled rice and sunned rice are two kinds of rice. If paddy is boiled before it is dried in the sun, we get boiled rice. Sunned rice is got from the paddy dried in the sun.

Usefulness : We eat rice. Muri, Chira, Khai and cakes are prepared from rice. It is also used in making paper. Cattle eat straw and bran.

Conclusion : Rice is very useful to us. We should take great care for its bumper production.

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