Suppose, you saw a cat. You know many things about this animal. Now, write a composition/essay on 'The Cat'.

Posted on 9th Dec 2021 11:37:07 PM Essay, Composition

[ Hints : Introduction, Description, Food, Where found, Nature, Usefulness, Conclusion. ]

Introduction : The cat is a small animal. It is very dear to us. We like cats for various reasons.

Description : The cat is a small animal. It has four legs. Its body is covered with soft hair. Its head is round. It has sharp claws. It has pads under its paws. It looks like a small tiger.

Food : The cat lives on fish and flesh. It is very fond of milk.

Where found : Cats are found in almost all countries of the world. They live both in jungles and houses. Domestic cats are gentle. They are kept as pets.

Nature : It becomes glad when we pat on its back. Then it purrs. It scratches with its claws if anybody teases it. It moves about silently. It falls upon its prey suddenly. It gives birth to three to six kittens at a time. It loves them very much. 

Usefulness : The cat kills mice, small snakes, worms etc. in our house. The cat is pet to the animal. It is neat and clean.

Conclusion : The cat is useful to us. It kills rats, snakes etc. and saves us from their troubles. We should take care of it.

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