Suppose, you saw a dog. You know many things about this animal. Now, write a composition/essay on 'The Dog'.

Posted on 9th Dec 2021 11:32:57 PM Essay, Composition

[ Hints : Introduction, Description, Where found, Food, Usefulness, Conclusion. ]

Introduction : The dog is very familiar animal in our country. We see various types of dog in Bangladesh.

Description : The dog is a faithful pet animal. It has four legs with sharp claws. Its teeth are sharp. Its body is covered with hair. Its tail is short and coiled. It has two ears and two bright eyes.

Where found : The dog is found everywhere in the world. Dogs are of different sizes and colours. Some dogs are big and some are small. Some dogs are white, some are black and some are red.

Food : The dog eats flesh, fish, bread and rice. Its sense of smell is very keen. The dog may run very fast.

Usefulness : The dog is used in hunting. It keeps watch over its master's house at night. It barks at thieves and unknown persons.

Conclusion : The dog is a very useful animal. So we should be kind to it.

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