The School Library Paragraph

Posted on 30th Dec 2021 09:51:45 PM Paragraph, Composition

The library occupies an important role in a school. No ideal school can run without a good library. The few books which we read as texts in our classes are not sufficient for our mental food. To widen our knowledge and to broaden our outlook, we must read many other useful books. A school library helps us here. In the library we come across 'the mighty minds of old'. Moreover, by reading journals and periodicals we can know how the world is moving around us. Books also provide us with joy. They comfort us in sorrow and cheer us up in distress. They are our never-failing friends. A well-stocked and properly organised library is therefore an essential part of a school. In the words of Carlyle- "A true university of these days is a library of books."

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