Write a Paragraph about Mind Control

Posted on 3rd Dec 2021 10:38:56 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Introduction presentation: Every man wants to live in peace all time his life. Again, all people want to live self-respect and social status. Allah almighty has created us in huge talents which we cannot comprehend. Such a brain is a source of wonderful energy. Brain, mind, confidence and spiritual motivation affect us particularly. Again we have different types of perspectives from different people. Another important thing in a person life is his self confidence. Strong will power and confidence help a person to reach the top of success. All this we think and believe. Thank you so much sir for the helpful discussion.

Brain: The most complex, mysterious and important part of human life is the brain. Man is called the greatest animal because of the superiority of the brain. Many scientists have compared the brain to a computer, but the brain is much more powerful than a computer. Because when the computer shuts down it doesn’t work anymore but if people are alive it works all the time. The programe capacity of the computer is limited but the capacity of the brain is unlimited. The point, it is wise to use the potential energy of the brain. Thank you so much sir for the helpful discussion. 

Mind: The mind is an important element. The human mind is source of energy. Once the power of the mind is realized the mind can be used properly. So the mind is called software. Again, the mind is just a form of consciousness. We can only succeed if we use this consciousness. I have some strategies to control my mind. As always we will try to think positive and stay away from negative thoughts. That means we are our own teachers. We will do what is good for us. Above all, we will try to keep our mind clean and ask Allah for more. Thank you very much sir for giving us important directions.

Attitude: Attitudes play a very important role in our personal life. Positive attitudes benefit us again Negative attitudes make us negative. Again the mind and attitudes complement each other, because attitude controls our mind. So intention or attitude is very important. 

Confidence: Confidence is a very important think in human life. Confidence is full in a hardworking person. Confidence can never be lost. Negative thought create obstacles in the way of self-confidence. So we can reach the pinnacle of success if we work with confidence by believing in Allah.

Conclusion: Humans are the greatest creatures because of their brains, which is not possible for other animals. And we have to control our mind. Positive attitude is good for us. In the end, we can only reach the pinnacle of success if we work with confidence.

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