Paragraph on Time Management

Posted on 3rd Dec 2021 10:45:02 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Introduction to time management: Time in human life is very precious. The time that has passed once cannot be brought back even with crores. It is not possible to improve life without taking advantage of time. So we will take advantage of time.

Different idea of time: Western civilization thinks all that in the present time. On the other hand our present is transient. Our afterlife is eternal. In the hereafter we will have to answer for the good and bad deeds of the world. Happiness for good deeds and punishment for bad deeds will be given. 

What is time management: Time management is the use of time within the allotted time. Knowledge of time management is essential for those who want to reach the desired goal. That is, time management changes our lives. So we will use the time properly.

Importance of the time management: The importance of time management in human life is immense. With a thorough knowledge of time management, we can work out our plans. Then there will be balance in any work. And if it deviates, it will not be possible to improve the life of the individual.

Principles of time management: The importance of time in human life is relative. We need to have a positive attitude in order to use our time wisely. We must be committed to achieving life goals. That means we have to make the right decision at the right time to use the time.

Time management strategy and tools: We need to be tactful in time management. In order to achieve the goal of life, we have to distribute our time in different ways. Important tasks need to be done first on a priority basis. We always have to work according to plan. Unnecessary work should be avoided. If there is extra time at the end of the scheduled work, we will use that time for. That means we have to plan ahead in time. Again, multiple tasks cannot be performed at the same time. Then we need to have a complete list of work in personal or professional life. It can be daily, weekly or monthly. We also need to be aware of our responsibilities. Thank you very much sir for giving such an important direction.

How to maximize utilization of time: We are not robots. Sometimes we also waste time in carelessness. So we will try our best to refrain from wasting time. We cannot be given more time on such telephone. Those who talk too much should be avoided. I will try to read books if I have time.

Time management in work place: Time is very precious in human life. We will try to reach the office within the stipulated time. We will try to stay happy by going to the office. We will be sincere with my colleagues in any work. We will inform the higher authorities about the progress of the work in due course. We will try to do our class assignments on time. I will study regularly and go to bed at the scheduled time. I will perform Fajr prayers regularly. We will participate in various creative activities outside the curriculum, such debate competition. Above all we will perform the five daily prayers.

Conclusion: Time is precious. Infect, time is more valuable than money. There is no substitute for using time to reach specific goals. Thus time in individual life and professional life serves as the main tool of success.

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