Write a paragraph on the scene in Examination Hall

Posted on 1st Jan 2022 11:23:28 PM Paragraph, Composition

The scene in the examination hall is full of typical suspense. To a student the examination hall is like a Greek amphitheater where he is open to attacks form even unexpected quarters. The student has no other instrument to fight with than his pen. When the warning bell rings at 9:45 AM students take their seats. Question papers are distributed to them at 10:00 AM Invigilators start moving up and down the hall to keep watch over the candidates. Very soon examines are found busy with writing answers in the scripts. Some look bright and some look vacant and a few students try to adopt unfair means. I Time roll on. When the warning bell rings 12:45 PM, students are busier than before. Some begin revising their answers while others increase their speed to finish. When the final bell rings at 1:00 PM answer scripts are taken back and the students step out of the hall. They feel a sense of relief after passing the three serious hours in the examination hall.

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