A Visit to a Place of Historical Interest

Posted on 12th Sep 2020 04:45:30 AM Paragraph

Traveling is one of the important sources of gaining knowledge. It helps not only to make up our mind energetic but also to make a good habit to know the unknown and to see the unseen. So the essentiality of this can't be underestimated. Student life is the busiest period of life. To get leisure time for visiting -is not an easy task. Luckily, I myself got a good opportunity to visit a place of historical place. It was during the last autumn vacation. My parents offered me the freedom to choose any place where I wanted to visit. In this respect, I choose the Shat Gombuj Mosque which I had known from our English text book. That place was really superb as I (we) imagined.  The Shat Gombuj Mosque is situated in the Bagerhat district near the Sundarban.It is a big and beautiful building. It is beautifully decorated. It is called the Shat(60) gombuj mosque but it has 77 squat domes including 7 chauchala or four sided domes. The interior and the exterior of the mosque give a view of rather plain architecture but the interior western wall of the mosque was beautifully decorated with terracotta flowers and foliage. Generally, the mosque was used as a prayer hall but it was also used as the court of Khan Zahan Ali.  The mazar of Khan Zahan Ali is a fine one stored building. It has a beautiful dome. Hazrat Khan Zazan Ali was buried there. The tomb is made of cut out stones. There is a small mosque thereby. A close associate of Khan Zahan Ali was buried outside the tomb. On the night of full moon of the month of Chaitra- a big fair is held beside the mazar. Many people attend the fair. There is a big tank in the front of the mazar. The local people called it the 'Dighi' (big pond but currentless)of Khan Jahan Ali. There is some crocodile in this big tank. I visited the mosque, dighi and came to know many things about the social work of Khan Zahan Ali. Then I started to visit  the city of Bagerhat also. Formerly it was known as 'Khalifatabad'. Khan Jahan Ali adorned his city with numerous mosque, tanks, roads and public buildings. It is really a place of historical interest. The UNESCO recognized this mosque as a world heritage site. The picture of this mosque is also taken place into the note of "  " in Banladesh. I spent eight hours there and saw many historical things and enjoyed myself. I left Bagerhat but the memory still haunts my mind.

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