Answering Short Questions of Class Six

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Q. Where is Jessica going?
Ans: Jessica is going to Chattogram.

Q. Why is Jessica going there?
Ans: Jessica is going there to spend her holiday with her father.

Q. Where is Jessica from?
Ans: Jessica is from the United Kingdom.

Q. Is Sima from Dhaka?
Ans : No, she's from Sylhet.

Q. Where is Sima going?
Ans: Sima is going to Shylhet.

Q. Where are Sima and Jessica?
Ans: Sima and Jessica are at a railway station.

Q. Where are Sima and Tamal?
Ans : Sima and Tamal are in the Town Hall Language Club.

Q. Why do they go there?
Ans: They go there to practise speaking English.

Q. Who is the new person there?
Ans: Mr. Andy Smith is the new person there.

Q. What is he reading?
Ans: He is reading a book about Bangladesh.

Q. Where did Tamal meet the new person? 
Ans: Tamal met the new person at a bookshop.

Q. Why does Sima want to meet the new person?
Ans: Sima wants to meet the new person to practise speaking English with him.

Q. Where is Andy going?
Ans: Andy is going to the Book Fair.

Q. Where is Tamal going? Why?
Ans: Tamal is going to give medicine to his grandmother.

Q. When can Tamal meet Andy?
Ans: Tamal can meet Andy in an hour.

Q. What is Saikat’s father’s name?
Ans: Saikat's father's name is Mr. Rashidul Islam.

Q. What is Saikat’s Mother’s name?
Ans: Saikat's mother's name is Mrs. Monwara Islam.

Q. What do his parents do in their free time?
Ans: Saikat’s father writes stories and listens to music and his mother enjoys sewing in their free time.

Q. What does Saikat do in his free time?
Ans: In his free time, Saikat watches cartoons on TV.

Q. What kind of books does Saikat like?
Ans: Saikat likes books about animals, especially tigers and lions.

Q. Who are the reporters?
Ans: Tamal and Nasreen are the reporters.

Q. Which magazine are they reporting for?
Ans: They are reporting for the English Club Magazine.

Q. Who are answering the reporter’s questions?
Ans: Sima and Biju are answering the reporter’s questions.

Q. What does Sima do in her leisure time?
Ans: Sima walks in the park, sings and talks to her friend in her leisure time.

Q. What does Biju do in his leisure time?
Ans: Biju likes to go swimming and do painting in his leisure time.

Q. What kind of magazine does Biju like? Why?
Ans: Biju likes sports magazine, especially football and cricket. Because he likes to play.

Q. What month is it now?
Ans: Now, it is December.

Q. What is the first month of the year?
Ans: January is the first month of the year.

Q. What is the last month of the year?
Ans: December is the last month of the year.

Q. What Month is after May?
Ans: June is after May.

Q. What Month is before October?
Ans: September is before October.

Q. What day is it today? What is today’s date?
Ans: Today is Wednesday. Today's date is 26 June.

Q. What day was it yesterday? What was yesterday’s date?
Ans: Yesterday was Tuesday. Yesterday’s date was 25 June.

Q. What day is it tomorrow? What is tomorrow's date?
Ans: Tomorrow is Thursday. Tomorrow's date is 27 June.

Q. What is Nasreen putting on chocolate?
Ans: Nasreen is putting chocolate on her ice-cream.

Q. Why doesn't Nasreen eat chocolate regularly?
Ans: Nasreen doesn't eat chocolate regularly because chocolate is not good for our health.

Q. What does Nasreen say about ice-cream with chocolate?
Ans: Nasreen says, “Ice-cream is delicious with chocolate.”

Q. What are Nasreen’s favourite foods? Are these healthy foods?
Ans: Pineapples, bananas, cucumbers and lettuce are Nasreen’s favourite foods. Yes, these are healthy foods.

Q. What are Sima’s favourite foods? Are these healthy foods?
Ans: Carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas are Sima’s favourite foods. Yes, these are healthy foods.

Q. Why is Sima using a lot of tissues?
Ans: Sima is using a lot of tissues because she has a runny nose.

Q. Why can’t Sima eat very much?
Ans: Sima can’t eat very much because she has a stomach ache.

Q. Does Sima’s doctor want her to eat?
Ans: Yes, Sima's doctor says her to eat very much.

Q. Why can’t Sima’s friends visit her?
Ans: Sima’s friends can't visit her because they can get ill easily.

Q. What does a film actor do?
Ans: A film actor acts in the film.

Q. What does a bus driver do?
Ans: A bus driver drives a bus.

Q. What’s the name of Mamun’s home district?
Ans: The name of Mamun’s home district is Kishoreganj.

Q. What games do you like to play?
Ans: I like to play cricket.

Q. What’s your best friend’s name?
Ans: My best friend’s name is Tamal.

Q. What tourist places does Tamal tell Andy about?
Ans: Tamal tells Andy about Cox’ Bazar, Sreemangal, Saint Martin’s Island etc.

Q. What is the name of the island Tamal tells Andy about?
Ans: Tamal tells Andy about saint Martin’s Island.

Q. Where is this Island?
Ans: This Island is in the Bay of Bengal.

Q. How  often are the Olympics held?
Ans: The Olympics are held every four years.

Q. How many countries compete in the Olympics?
Ans: More than 200 countries compete in the Olympics.

Q. How many athletes compete in the Olympics?
Ans: More than 13,000 athletes compete in the Olympics.

Q. How many sports are there in the Olympics?
Ans: There are 30 different sports in the Olympics.

Q. When was the first Olympics?
Ans: The first Olympic Games was held in Greece almost 3,000 years ago.

Q. When did the modern Olympic Games begin?
Ans: The Modern Olympic Games began in 1896.

Q. What was the bird doing?
Ans: The bird was sitting in the apple tree.

Q. What was the butterfly doing?
Ans: The butterfly was flitting across the field.

Q. What were the leaves doing?
Ans: All the leaves were calling the poet.

Q. What did the rainbow do?
Ans: The rainbow held out its shining hand.

Q. What did the poet want to do?
Ans: The poet wanted to do his work.

Q. What did the poet actually do in the end? Why do you think he did this?
Ans: At the end the poet laughed and went out to see the beauty of the nature. Because the natural beauties of the country charmed him.

Q. When did the class go to the Liberation War Museum?
Ans: The class went to the Liberation War Museum on 14 December.

Q. Why did the class go to the Liberation War Museum?
Ans: The class went to the Liberation War Museum as part of their Bangladesh and Global Studies course.

Q. How many permanent galleries are there in the Liberation War Museum?
Ans: There are 4 permanent galleries in the Liberation War Museum.

Q. Which two galleries did the writer and his class  visit?
Ans: The writer and his class visited Gallery 2 and Gallery 4.

Q. What personal belongings did the students see in “Gallery 4 Our Victory, Our Values”?
Ans: In Gallery 4 they saw a pair of glasses, a pen, a notebook, a moneybag, a soiled shirt and other such things.

Q. Why does Maria want to set up a school?
Ans: Maria wants to set up a school of her own so that she can teach visually impaired children.

Q. What kind of book does Maria want to write?
Ans: Maria wants to write a book about her feelings and experiences.

Q. Why does she want to write this book?
Ans: Because she wants to show other impaired people that they can do amazing things in their lives!

Q. What can happen at any time?
Ans: Earthquake can happen at any time.

Q. Why should you keep a torch?
Ans: Because there may not be any electricity for a few days.

Q. What should you have for your torch?
Ans: We should have some batteries for our torch.

Q. What should you do if you are in a building during an earthquake?
Ans:  We shouldn’t  rush. We should get under a  strong furniture if we are in a building during an earthquake.

Q. Why should you keep a first aid kit?
Ans: We should keep a first aid kit to take primary treatment after disaster.

Q. Who is the founder of IOC?
Ans: Baron Pierre de Coubertin is the founder of IOC.

Q. Who has written the poem ‘City streets and country roads’?
Ans: Eleanor Farjeon has written the poem ‘City streets and country roads’.

Q. Who has written the poem ‘I meant to do my work today’?
Ans: Richard Le Gallienne has written the poem ‘I meant to do my work today’.

Q. How do you feel about Bluster? How do you feel the other animals? Why?
Ans: I think Bluster was proud of his beautiful voice. He did not agree to share his voice with other animals. So, other animals felt deprived and became angry with him. At last, everybody was in a great loss for his stubbornness.

Q. What sound does a frog make?
Ans: A frogs makes a sound ‘ Croak, croak’.

Q. Write the name of three animals that mentioned in the story ‘Why does the frog croak?’
Ans: The name of three animals are — i) Moxie the rabbit ii) Pluck the lizard iii) Bluster the frog 

Q. How many unions are there  in Gaibandha district?
Ans: There are 82 unions in Gaibandha district.

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