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Write a Paragraph about My Self for Class 3 in 103 words

Posted on 30th Jul 2023 10:48:14 PM My, Self, IT, Expert, Housewife, Teacher, Kids, Point, School, Sewing, Dresses, Class, One, Three, Drawing, Toy, Doll, Doctor, Hobbies, Reading, Books, Computer, Learning, TV, Rajshahi, University, School

My nickname is Faiza. I am 9 years old. I am in class 3. I am a student of Rajshahi University School. My father is a private service holder and IT Expert. My mother is a housewife. She is a former teacher at Kids Point School in Rajshahi.

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Write a Paragraph about My Best Friend for Class 3 in 61 words

Posted on 29th Jul 2023 11:18:43 PM My, Best, Friend, Humayra, Class, Three, Tiffin, Gardening, TV, Jubaida, Jannat, Faiza, Rajshahi, University, School

I have some friends. But Humayra is my best friend. She is 9 years old. She reads in class 3 with me. She is very friendly and helpful. We sit together in the class. We play together during Tiffin period. She also likes gardening.

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Write a Paragraph about Our Classroom for Class 2 in 85 words

Posted on 9th Oct 2022 11:08:39 PM Our, Classroom, Rajshahi, University, School, Building, Two, Storied, Ground, Floor, Teacher, Neat, Clean, Best, Learning, Place

My name is Jubaida Jannat Faiza. I read in Rajshahi University School. The school building is two storied. Our classroom is in the ground floor. It has two doors and four windows. Our class has 75 students. The classroom has 20 high benches and 20 low benches.

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Fill in the Blanks and Complete the Sentences

Posted on 30th Jun 2022 11:23:59 PM Fill, Blanks, Complete, Sentences, Class, Six

1. I run in my free time. It keeps me---------. 2. I paint in my free time.---------gives---------pleasure. 3. I talk to my family in other countries in my free time. ---------keeps--------- connected. 4. I listen to music in my free time. ---------makes---------happy. 5. My grandmother exercises in her free time. ---------keeps---------healthy.

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Answering Short Questions of Class Six

Posted on 29th Jun 2022 09:48:26 PM Answering, Short, Questions, Class, Six

Q. Where is Jessica going? Ans: Jessica is going to Chattogram. Q. Why is Jessica going there?Ans: Jessica is going there to spend her holiday with her father. Q. Where is Jessica from? Ans: Jessica is from the United Kingdom. Q. Is Sima from Dhaka? Ans : No, she's from Sylhet. Q. Where is Sima going? Ans: Sima is going to Shylhet. Q. Where are Sima and Jessica? Ans: Sima and Jessica are at a railway station.

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