How to Open a Bank Account

Posted on 12th Sep 2020 04:28:03 AM Paragraph

Opening a bank account is not hard task at all. The entire bank provides some criteria to open a new bank account. In order to open an account with a bank, first we have to go to a bank and express your desire of opening an account with the bank. The manager will ask you about what type of account you want to open such as savings account, current account, fixed deposit etc. Then he (the manager) will provide you with a form and give us some instructions to feel it up. Next, it is essential that we will be introduced by an account holder of the same.  The introducer will put his signature on the form and give his address and account number in a particular part of the application form. Then we have to attach two passport size photographs attested by him. After that we have to put our specimen signature on the signature card which will be used to operate the account. Finally, we will have to deposit some amount of money on our account number with the bank. It shouldn't less than 500 tk.  Then the process of opening an account with a bank will get completed. This is how we can open an account with a bank of our choice.

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