My Village Paragraph

Posted on 21st Nov 2021 07:42:33 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Bangladesh is a land of villages. Here 80% people live in villages. I also live in such a village. I am Rahim. The name of my village is Panamnagar. It is a well-known village in the district of Sathkhira. It is 10 kilometers away from the district town and 7 kilometers away from the Thana headquarters. The village is thickly populated. It has population of about 5 thousand. People of different classes live here. There are two primary schools, one high school, a post office and a Madrasa in our village. There is a free charitable dispensary in our village. The doctor in charge of it is a qualified one. So the people of our village enjoy good medical facilities. The village has an easy means of communication. I am proud that I am a native of this village. It is regarded as an ideal village in the locality.

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