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Suppose you are Mazharul. You live in a village. Now, write a letter to your friend about your village.

Posted on 15th May 2022 06:29:00 PM Your, Our, Ideal, Village, Natural, Scenery, Charming, Primary, High, School, Madrasha, Union, Parisad, Post, Office, Class, Three

Kharkhari Paba, Rajshahi Dear Naimul, I received your letter yesterday. In your letter you wanted to know about my village. The name of my village is Kharkhari. It is in the district of Rajshahi. It is a big village. There are ten thousand people live in our village. The natural scenery of our village is very charming.

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Write a short paragraph about Your Village

Posted on 7th Mar 2022 09:45:34 PM Your, Village, Class, Three, Short, Essay, Writing

Our village (আমাদের গ্রাম): The name of our village is Feni Sadar. It is in the district of Feni. Luis village. There are ten thousand people live in our village. Eighty percent people of the village are Muslims, the rest are Hindus. There are two primary schools and a high school in our village. Ours is an ideal village.

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Our Village Essay in English & Bengali for Class 3

Posted on 5th Feb 2022 12:42:02 AM Our, Village, Novogram, Noakhali, Muslims, Hindus, Communities, Artists, Teachers, Doctors, Advocates, Political, Leaders, Live, Class, Three, Essays, Writing

Introduction : Our village is an ideal one. My village is like my mother. Name and location : The name of our village is Novogram It is in the district of Noakhali. Description : It is a big village. Muslims Hindus and other communities live here. Most It is about nine miles from the area farmers.

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Your Native Village Paragraph

Posted on 29th Dec 2021 09:04:15 PM Your, Native, Village, Dwarakeswar, Hooghly, Quiet, Ply, Metalled, Road, Great, Poet, Rabindranath, Tagore, Raja, Rammohan, Roy, Memorial, Hall, Description, Places

The name of our village is Radhanagar where Bharat-Pathik Raja Rammohan Roy was born. It is a small quiet village by the side of the river Dwarakeswar in the district of Hooghly. It is about a mile long and half a mile broad. A metalled road runs by the side of it and buses and Lorries ply on the road.

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A Village Fair Paragraph

Posted on 29th Dec 2021 08:50:32 PM Village, Fair, Stream, People, Stalls, Articles, Gala, Dress, Monotonous, Monotony, Ripple, Toys, Dolls, Balloons, Ribbons, Wooden, Utensils, Earthen, Pots, Household, Goods, Baskets, Description, Places

A fair is held every year at Ramnagar on account of Rasjatra. I visited the fair this year. When I reached there, I saw a sea of human heads moving to and for on the fair-ground. There were hundreds of stalls for selling various articles, such as toys, dolls, balloons, ribbons, wooden utensils, earthen pots, house-hold goods, baskets etc.

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