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My Birthday Celebration Paragraph

Posted on 31st Aug 2023 08:33:44 PM My, Birthday, Party, Celebration, Food, Chocolate, Cake, Candles, Happy, Birthday, Friends, Jubaida, Jannat, Faiza, Rajshahi, University, School

I am Jubaida Jannat Faiza. My last birthday party was celebrated on 18 September 2023. I invited my relatives, friends and neighbors. They come in the party in the evening. The party took place in our house. Our house was cleaned and nicely decorated.

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Write a Paragraph about My Self for Class 3 in 103 words

Posted on 30th Jul 2023 10:48:14 PM My, Self, IT, Expert, Housewife, Teacher, Kids, Point, School, Sewing, Dresses, Class, One, Three, Drawing, Toy, Doll, Doctor, Hobbies, Reading, Books, Computer, Learning, TV, Rajshahi, University, School

My nickname is Faiza. I am 9 years old. I am in class 3. I am a student of Rajshahi University School. My father is a private service holder and IT Expert. My mother is a housewife. She is a former teacher at Kids Point School in Rajshahi.

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Write a Paragraph about My Best Friend for Class 3 in 61 words

Posted on 29th Jul 2023 11:18:43 PM My, Best, Friend, Humayra, Class, Three, Tiffin, Gardening, TV, Jubaida, Jannat, Faiza, Rajshahi, University, School

I have some friends. But Humayra is my best friend. She is 9 years old. She reads in class 3 with me. She is very friendly and helpful. We sit together in the class. We play together during Tiffin period. She also likes gardening.

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Write a paragraph on My Grandmother in 153 words

Posted on 27th Jun 2022 03:12:58 AM My, Grandmother, Short, Essay, Bangla, English, Arabic

My Grandmother's name is Sajeda Chowdhury. She comes of respectable Muslim family. She can read and write. Now she is seventy. She can move easily. She is a gentle lady. She is also very kind to the post. She takes great care of all the members of the family. My grandmother loves me very much.

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Suppose you are Jamal. You have lost your English Grammar book. Now, write a letter to your friend to lend you a book.

Posted on 15th May 2022 01:59:58 PM Lost, My, English, Grammar, Second, Paper, Book, Return, Love, Examination, Class, Three

Station Road Sylhet 15 May, 2022 My dear Sajib, Take my love. You know that my examination will soon begin. But I have lost my English Second Paper book. I shall be very glad if you kindly lend me your book for a week only. I shall return the book in time.

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