Our School Paragraph

Posted on 12th Nov 2021 07:07:05 PM Paragraph, Short Note

School is the place where we receive education. When have a school in our locality. I read in it. I am Arafat. I read in class V. The name of our school is Jibonnagar Govt. Primary School. It is in Jaldanga in the district of Kisorgonj. It is housed in a H-shaped building. There are six rooms on either side. There is a large hall in the middle. About 450 students read in this school. About 19 teachers teach us. Our headmaster is a B.A. B.Ed. He is a good man. He loves us as his own sons. We also respect him very much and love him very dearly. Other teachers are all learned and kind. They always seem to our good. So they teach us well and guide us properly. There is a big playground in front of our school. We play there in the evening. Our school has a library. We borrow books from it and read them with attention. Our school is an ideal school. A school is not only a place for acquiring education but also for learning discipline and other rules of reshaping life.

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