Write a Paragraph on Economic of Sharing and Caring

Posted on 3rd Dec 2021 10:51:03 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Economic of Sharing and Caring: The current economy is the economy of selfishness. Here only the person thinks himself. But this is not desirable at all, because Allah created use to be dependent on each other. So we will be helping each other, and that this sharing and caring. Even footpath hawker set an example of sharing and caring through Ifter together. But sometimes we see the opposite picture. Some are wasting food and some are dying without food. But Islamic economics is the mother’s bone. Everyone has rights here. The poor have the right to the property of the rich. So we will try to be helping each other happily and sadly. Only then will sharing and caring can be possible.

Governance and regulatory framework: There are different types of states in the world, such as democratic, political and republic. Again there are some federal states, such as India and the United Sates. Again, the heads of state of different countries are different. Our head of state is the President and Rani is the head of the United Kingdom. This time we will discuss about the national parliament. There are a total 350 seats in the National Assembly. Of these, fifty are reserved for Women. The National Assembly enacts various laws. Provides an outline of how the government will spend the money. Even the collection of taxes on the people requires the permission of the National Assembly. This time we will discuss the constitution. The constitution was adopted on 12 October 1972. The constitution has 153 articles and seven schedules. The constitution provides guidelines so that no department of the state can interfere with any other department. Thanks sir and for giving important information.

Basic qualities of human being: Every human being has some basic qualities. Truthfulness and honesty are among them. Truthfulness drives people towards virtue. Honesty is a virtue close to truthfulness. As a result, the person at one time acquires the form of Siddique. Then one of our virtues is moderation. At present some your people are showing much interest in Islam. As a result, there is aggression among them. This moderation is related to worship and faith. We also have four other human qualities.

Mujahadah: Mujahadah is an all-out effort.

Tawakkul: Tawakkul is believing in Allah in all situations.

Patient: Patient means to be patient.

Destiny: Lastly you have to believe in destiny.

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