Suppose, you know many things about a village market. It is important place for the villagers. Now, write a composition/essay on 'A Village Market'.

Posted on 14th Dec 2021 09:51:55 PM Essay, Composition

[ Hints : Introduction, Where sits, Temporary shops, Permanent shops, Conclusion ]

Introduction : A village market means a meeting place of people. The place where people assemble together in a village to buy and sell their necessary commodities is called a village market.

When sits : A village market is an important place. It sits in the afternoon and breaks up by evening. It sits twice in a week.

Where sits : Generally a village market sits under a big banyan tree. It often sits by a canal or by the side of a river.

Temporary shops : Many things are sold in a village market. There are shops of rice, fish, vegetables and fruits. The sellers sit in line to sell their things.

Permanent shops : There are some permanent shopkeepers in the village market. They sell groceries, cloths and sweet meats.

Conclusion : A village market is very useful for village people. For the welfare of the villagers they should keep it neat and clean.

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