Suppose, you went to your village few days ago. It gave you much pleasure. Now, write a composition/essay on 'Your Village'.

Posted on 13th Dec 2021 10:44:04 PM Essay, Composition

[ Hints : Introduction, Population and profession, Institutions, Conclusion ]

Introduction : The name of my village is Rasulpur. It is in the district of Chandpur. It is about two miles long and one mile broad. One District Board Road passes through the village. The road leads to the district town.

Population and profession : About two thousand people live in this village. Both Hindus and Muslims live here. There are some potters, weavers and fishermen. The educated people are service-holders. Most of the people are farmers and businessmen.

Institutions : There is a high school in the village. There are one primary school and a madrasha also. There is a daily bazar here. The villagers can buy fish and vegetables in the bazar. There are a branch post-office and a charitable dispensary in the village. There are half a dozen mosques and maktabs here.

Conclusion : This is a good and healthy village. The weather of the village is good. The village is very beautiful to look at. The people here live in peace and harmony.

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