WH Question and Answer Class 5

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Question Bluster was sleeping in his bed. Answer Where was Bluster sleeping?
Question They put it into a glass jar. Answer Where did they put it?
Question Mr. Islam writes stories in his free time. Answer When does Mr. Islam write stories?
Question A person’s birthday is a special day. Answer What is a special day?
Question A birthday is the date when the person was born. Answer What is a birthday?
Question He welcomed us warmly. Answer How did he welcome you?
Question The modern Olympic Games started in 1896. Answer When did the modern Olympic Games start?
Question Maria feels happy. Answer Who feels happy?
Question Maria wants to set up a school. Answer What does Maria want to set up?
Question The hare ran quickly. Answer How did the hare run?
Question Maria gets up early. Answer Who gets up early?
Question There are 13 upazilas in Kishoregonj district. Answer How many upazilas are there in Kishoreganj district?
Question Jessica is from the United Kingdom. Answer Where is Jessica from?
Question The weather was nice. Answer How was the weather?
Question Ice cream is a delicious food. Answer What is a delicious food?
Question Andy visited Cox’s Bazar last month. Answer When did Andy visit Cox’s Bazar?
Question He grows crops. Answer What does he grows?
Question People come to Solakia to celebrate Eid. Answer Where do people come to celebrate Eid?
Question The doctor visited Sima last night. Answer Who visited Sima last night?
Question Milk is a good food. Answer What is a good food?
Question He is going to the book fair. Answer Where is he going?
Question It’s very strange. Answer How is it?
Question Raju is a full-time firefighter. Answer Who is a full-time firefighter?
Question Raju teaches new firefighters. Answer Who does Raju teach?
Question Raju likes teaching very much. Answer What does Raju like to do very much?
Question He plays cricket. Answer What does he play?
Question A dressmaker makes dresses. Answer Who makes dresses?
Question They are sleeping in the tents. Answer Where are they sleeping?
Question They arrived in the morning. Answer When did they arrive?
Question They go to library to practise English. Answer Why do they go to library?
Question She enjoys sewing. Answer What does she enjoy?
Question Saikat reads English books. Answer Which books does Saikat read?
Question I read magazines in my free time. Answer When do you read magazines?
Question Fruits and vegetables have vitamins. Answer What do fruits and vegetables have?
Question They help our eyes and health. Answer What do they help?
Question Protein and dairy makes us strong. Answer What make you strong?
Question I eat fruits and vegetables every day. Answer What do you eat every day?
Question Carrot is my favourite vegetable. Answer What is your favourite vegetable?
Question I can’t eat because I have a stomach ache. Answer Why can't you eat?
Question His mother worked in a fish farm. Answer Where did his mother work?
Question Everyone was afraid of cyclone Aila. Answer What was everyone afraid of?
Question Nipa began to cry. Answer Who began to cry?
Question He found Nipa in a field. Answer Where did he find Nipa?
Question There are four levels in the food pyramid. Answer How many levels are there in the Food Pyramid?
Question People took shelter in Nipa’s school. Answer Where did people take shelter?
Question I love funny stories. Answer Which stories do you love?
Question Raju was in class 5. Answer What class was Raju in?
Question A long time ago there was a fire in Raju’s school. Answer When was there a fire in Raju's school?
Question Kishoreganj is 145 Kilometers far from Dhaka. Answer How far is Kishoreganj from Dhaka?
Question Saikat watches cartoons on TV in his free time. Answer What does Saikat do in his free time?
Question A birthday is a special day to a person. Answer What day is a special day to a person?
Question Sima eats fruits and vegetable every day. Answer What does Sima eat every day?
Question The firefighter put out the fire. Answer Who put out the fire?
Question Dairy products are things like milk and eggs. Answer What are things like milk and eggs?
Question A doctor treats the sick people. Answer Who treats the sick people?
Question The doctor prescribed some medicine. Answer What did the doctor do?
Question The class went to the Liberation War Museum on 14 December. Answer When did the class go to the Liberation War Museum?
Question There were 10 members in the morning. Answer How many members were there in their group?
Question We were 12 in number. Answer How many were you in number?
Question The weather was nice in the morning. Answer How was the weather in the morning?
Question Our trip was very interesting. Answer How was your trip?
Question My home district is Kishoreganj. Answer What is your home district?
Question Kishoreganj is a small town. Answer What type of town is Kishoreganj?
Question The fort of Isah Khan is at Jangal Bari. Answer Where is the fort of Isah Khan?
Question There are two writers of children literature in Kishoreganj. Answer How many writers of children literature are there in Kishoreganj?
Question The cruises are exciting and safe. Answer How are the cruises?
Question We slept in our tents at night. Answer Where did you sleep at night?
Question Maria can learn with Braille. Answer How can Maria Learn?
Question Braille is a script that uses raised dots. Answer What is Braille?
Question Maria enjoys reading poems and history. Answer What does Maria enjoy?
Question A camporee is a gathering of cubs. Answer What is a Camporee?
Question He is reading a book about Bangladesh. Answer What is he reading?
Question Saikat is in class 5. Answer What class is Saikat in?
Question His father works in a bank. Answer Where does his father work?
Question Saikat likes books about animals. Answer What kind of books does Saikat like?
Question The Olympics are held every four years. Answer How often are the Olympics held?
Question The Liberation War Museum is at Segunbagicha. Answer Where is the Liberation War Museum?
Question Our bus reached the Museum at 10 a.m. Answer When did your bus reach the museum?
Question A guide was waiting for us. Answer Who was waiting for you?
Question There were six galleries. Answer How many galleries were there?
Question The tortoise crossed the finish line. Answer Who crossed the finish line?
Question Maria puts her books in her bag. Answer Where does Maria put her books?
Question Maria cannot see the beautiful spring day. Answer Who cannot see the beautiful spring day?
Question Chattogram is about 155 kilometers from Teknaf. Answer How far is Chattogram from Teknaf?
Question Maria is very happy now. Answer How is Maria now?
Question The hare stood beside the tortoise. Answer Where did the hare stand?
Question The hare ran as fast as he could. Answer How did the hare run?
Question The gifts are wrapped in colourful paper. Answer How are the gifts wrapped?
Question The experience was unforgettable. Answer How was the experience?
Question The 21st of February is the Language Martyrs Day. Answer Which day is the Language Martyrs Day?
Question We went to the Nilkantha Tea Cabin. Answer Where did you go?
Question The river Narasunda flows through the town. Answer Which river flows through the town?
Question Bithi is a quiet person. Answer Who is a quiet person?
Question She enjoys reading. Answer What does she enjoy?
Question In his free time, Raju visits schools. Answer When does Raju visit schools?
Question Earthquake in Nepal was terrible. Answer What was terrible?
Question Babul’s father had a grocery shop. Answer Who had a grocery shop?
Question She makes dresses. Answer What does she make?
Question The doctor visited Sima last night. Answer Who visited Sima last night?
Question Everyone was very afraid. Answer How was everyone?
Question The firefighters put out the fire. Answer What did the firefighters do?
Question The hare was walking in the forest. Answer Where was the hare walking?
Question The tortoise was walking slowly. Answer How was the tortoise walking?
Question The tortoise won the race. Answer Who won the race?
Question Sima is at home today. Answer Where is Sima today?
Question She did not go to school because she is ill. Answer Why didn’t she go to school?
Question January is the first month of the year? Answer What is the first month of the year?
Question Biju loves swimming. Answer What does Biju love?
Question Cox’s Bazar is the most popular tourist spot. Answer Which place is the most popular tourist spot?
Question The district has 8 municipalities. Answer How many municipalities does the district have?
Question Saikat Islam lives in a Flat in Bogura. Answer Where does Saikat Islam live?
Question Saikat's father is a banker. Answer What is Saikat's father?
Question Saikat's mother enjoys sewing in her free time. Answer When does Saikat's mother enjoy sewing?
Question The next day was awful. Answer How was the next day?
Question Maria wants to write a book to express her feelings. Answer Why does Maria want to write a book?
Question Maria wants to be a writer. Answer What does Maria want to be?
Question The camporee took place in Sreemangal. Answer Where did the camporee take place?
Question Protein and dairy make us strong. Answer What make you strong?
Question The children play games and sing. Answer What do the children do?
Question The hare slept for an hour. Answer How long did the hare sleep?
Question The hare ran very fast. Answer How did the hare run?
Question Maria hopes to go to university. Answer Who hopes to go to university?
Question Last January, I went to a cub camporee. Answer When did you go to a cub camporee?
Question Laila and Bithi are friends. Answer Who are friends?
Question The hare felt asleep. Answer Who felt asleep?
Question Saikat Islam lives with his parents. Answer Who live with his parents?
Question He likes books about animals. Answer What kind of books does he like?
Question I visited Cox’s Bazar last month. Answer When did you visit Cox’s Bazar?
Question The turtles make their nests on the beach. Answer Who make their nests on the beach?
Question We arrived there in the morning. Answer When did you arrive there?

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