Write a Paragraph about Dream

Posted on 16th Aug 2021 09:57:24 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Dream is seen at sleep. Scientifically dream is the result of disfunction of neuron. But emotionally we see dream, when we are influenced by it by day. Dream does not have any existence on earth actually. What we do by day is dreamt of at night. Dream is seen averse to what we do. We use the word dream in reality. In reality nothing is dreamy. Everything is real. Now can dream of what they implement. Everybody plans/aims at what they want to implement. There is difference between dream and planning, so planning should not be confused with dream. Dream is our nocturnal caricature: sometimes it may have similarity with our daily function. When we are in tense our neuron does not function well. Then we see dream, which is dangerous for our thought. Actually dream refers to aim in life or plan in life. That's why dreams should be always reality based. It should not be only seen in sleep, it should be translated into reality for whole life. Good dream means good planning. Bad dream means bad planning. By dream we made good planning. Let us wish the best dream for the best aim in life.

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