Write a Paragraph about Earthquakes

Posted on 17th Aug 2021 08:39:56 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Earthquake is a natural calamity. It causes much harm to the people. It happens naturally. It destroys life and wealth. Earthquake means trembling of the earth. When the earth trembles, tepidities and becomes restless due to centrally trepidation, it is known as earthquake. It causes much havoc to our life and property. The nature becomes angry with us when there is any natural calamity like earthquake. It enormously destroys our wealth, home and hearth. We become afraid of its atrocity. It endangers our existence and survival on earth. Due to cutting hills, embankment on the mouth of the rivers and cutting trees at random, earthquake happens in the world. Bangladesh is at the risk of earthquake. We should be careful of it. Earthquake is dangerous. It destroys our hopes and aspirations. Unless we are naturally conscious, we can't stop happening of earthquake. It is our consciousness which can only prevent it.

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