Write a Paragraph about Friendship

Posted on 28th Jul 2021 10:06:47 PM Paragraph, Short Note

Friendship is a state of union or attachment between two persons. It is a divine blessing. It appears as a harbinger of peace and satisfaction among the perturbed minds. It springs between two persons from the sameness of mind, temperaments, feelings, attitudes, ideologies, linguistic affinities etc. it also springs from mental respect and long attachments. If it is formed, it involves the persons to the path of perfection. A true friend always stands by our side in evil days. He never betrays his friend. The people bound by friendship enjoy life perfectly. Friendship broadens our mind and refines our outlook. It helps to shake off our shyness and prejudices. From the closeness of heart, man can realize the essence of life. Thus friendship sustains two souls in all dire and good situations.

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