A Village Market Paragraph

Posted on 29th Dec 2021 08:38:23 PM Paragraph, Composition

A village market is held in open space in the centre of the surrounding villages. The paths of the villages lead to the market place. There is a daily market there. Of course, there is a difference between a 'Hat' and a Market'. A 'Hat' is not held like a 'market' daily. It is held only once or twice a week and it is more crowded than a market. However, there are various kinds of shops in the village market. The villagers get rice, dal, oil, vegetables, fish, meat and all other necessaries of their daily life from the market. Farmers from far and near come there with their products to sell them off. They sometimes rejoice at their profit and despond over their loss. A village market is the main centre of economic activity of the villages. The traders of the village carry on good business there. Thus the village market bears a vital importance in the life of the villagers.

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