A Village Fair Paragraph

Posted on 29th Dec 2021 08:50:32 PM Paragraph, Composition

A fair is held every year at Ramnagar on account of Rasjatra. I visited the fair this year. When I reached there, I saw a sea of human heads moving to and for on the fair-ground. There were hundreds of stalls for selling various articles, such as toys, dolls, balloons, ribbons, wooden utensils, earthen pots, house-hold goods, baskets etc. There were a large number of sweet-meat stalls and they tempted the buyers, especially the children more than any other thing. The chief objects of attraction were two circus parties. They beat their drums every now and then to attract the spectators. The people who came to visit the fair came from all ranks of society and were all cold in their gala dress. The life of the villagers is usually dull and monotonous. Once a year the fair breaks the monotony and adds joy to their life. It creates a ripple of joy all around. It is also a meeting ground for the old and the young the rich and the poor.

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