A Winter Morning

Posted on 12th Sep 2020 04:21:10 AM Paragraph

The morning shows the day-perhaps this saying is most appropriate in connection with a winter morning, which,  almost invariably(unchanging), enwrapped in fog and smog deterring(hinder) sunshine so as to make one feel as though the earth were covered with a mysterious canopy of half visible darkness. The morning thought of figuratively, can be described as the womb of the short lived, cool day that will follow. Dew drops fall on leaves and blades of grass at night. The grasses below are wet with dew and sparkle like pearls in the sun beams. A walk in such a morning gives an uncanny (weird) feeling of exotic pleasure-pleasure felt from outside the body. Eyesight fails any distance. The sun, as a result, if seen at all, is seen to be very effort fully peeping through the heavenly curtain of smog. People and children, particularly those living in the villages, rush around in search of a "slice of sunshine" -which they consider sweeter than honey. Some lazy fellows ruminate (meditate) the remnants (a relic) of their last night dreams enwrapping themselves obstinately in blankets. People in warm cloths to keep themselves warm look strange. The old people and the babies are suffering in cold very much. People gather straw and make fires at a different place to bask in the heat. Then the sun peeps over the eastern horizon and starts rising. Nature takes a charming aspect. The touch of the sun rays makes the birds and beasts quite happy. Farmers go to the fields and begin their days work. With the advancing sun, people shirk off the feeling of cold and set about their usual course of work. Then the scene of mist and fog disappears and the sunny morning paves the way for man's daily duties. Sometimes heavy fog creates road accident, where roads are slippery and the drivers can't see the opposite vehicles. Vehicles used to open their headlights until it's not clear.  In a winter morning one can enjoy delicious and sweet cakes, pias of date juice and many other things. Actually, a winter morning is famous for date juice. Nevertheless, winter morning is one of the inconsiderable blessings of the nature. All we eagerly wait for take this sweet experience.


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