Most Important WH Questions

Posted on 8th May 2020 04:41:46 AM Framing WH Questions

Question Answer
1. I bought a pen, a book and a khata. Ans: Which things did you buy?
2. She visits her mother twice a month. Ans: How often does she visit her mother?
3. I visited Dhaka, Khulna and Barisal. Ans: Which places did you visit?
4. Ripe mango tastes sweet. Ans: Which mango tastes sweet?
5. I visited Dhaka, Sylhet and Pubna. Ans: Which places did you visit?
6. He drives his father’s car. Ans: Whose car does he drive?
7. These are mine. Ans: Whose are these?
8. I use my brother’s bike. Ans: Whose bike do you use?
9. My son’s result pleased me. Ans: Whose result pleased you?
10. I went to airport to see off my friend. Ans: Shy did you go to airport?
11. She is waiting for the bus Ans: Why is she waiting?
12. The man came to me for monitory help. Ans: Why did the man come to you?
13. Rajshahi is famous for silk. Ans: Why is Rajshahi famous?
14. He feels feverish today. Ans: How does he feel today?
15. I am 20 years old. Ans: How old are you?
16. I write to my friend every week. Ans: How often do you write to your friend?
17. It has been raining since morning. Ans: How long has it been raining?
18. The book cost me 100tk. Ans: How much did the book cost you?
19. We went to picnic by bus. Ans: How did you go to picnic?
20. He goes to office on foot. Ans: How does he go to office?
21. Smoking is very harmful. Ans: How is smoking?
22. Fine, thank you. /I am fine. Ans: How are you?
23. Fog caused the accident. Ans: What caused the accident?
24. Dhaka is famous for mosque. Ans: What is Dhaka famous for?
25. It is half past ten now. Ans: What time is it now ?
26. I would like to take coffee. Ans: What would you like to take?
27. My father is a teacher. Ans: What is your father?
28. He is looking for a job. Ans: What is he looking for?
29. Honesty is the best policy. Ans: What is the best policy?
30. I was in Japan during winter. Ans: When were you in Japan?
31.The liberation war took place in 1971. Ans: When did the liberation war take place?
32. The bank closes at 4 pm. Ans: When does the bank close?
33.The meeting will be held soon. Ans: When will the meeting be held?
34. An accident took place near new market. Ans: Where did an accident take place?
35. Charity begins at home. Ans: Where does charity begin?
36. He came from abroad. Ans: Where did he come from?
37. He put the pen in the box. Ans: Where did he put the pen?
38. Birds fly in the sky. Ans: Where do birds fly?
39. Charity begins at home. Ans: Where does charity begin?
40. I was caught at the traffic jam. Ans: Where were you caught?
41. I love you. Ans: Whom do you love?
42. He married an Indian lady. Ans: Whom did he marry?
43. Hamlet is written by Shakespeare. Ans: Whom is Hamlet written by?
44. The house belongs to me. Ans: Whom does the house belong to ?
45. Nobody believes a lair. Ans: Who believes a lair?
46. None can escape death. Ans: Who can escape death?
47. Everybody wants happiness. Ans: Who does not want happiness?
48. Everyone longs for wealth. Ans: Who does not long for wealth?
49. Everybody wishes to be happy. Ans: Who does not wish to be happy?
50. Masud called a meeting. Ans: Who called a meeting?

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