WH Questions Need to be Practiced

Posted on 8th May 2020 04:59:20 AM Framing WH Questions

1. The boy worked in the restaurant.
2. It was a beautiful evening.
3. A young gorilla escaped from the zoo.
4. She has been sleeping for several hours.
5. Sarah did not like fertilizer.
6. Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.
7. Meherpur is famous for Mujeebnagar.
8. We are looking for a dangerous criminal.
9. I was annoyed with him.
10. I want a white pen.
11. It is quarter past five.
12. Everybody wishes to be happy.
13. This school imparts sound knowledge for the students.
14. Rajshahi is famous for silk.
15. They are doing the sums.
16. Rina likes blue colour.
17. He comes here twice a week.
18. The scenery of Cox’s Bazar charmed us.
19. Our country became independent in 1971.
20. The parcel is from Chittagong.
21. The door was opened by the owner of the house.
22. My phone number is 01717-591934.
23. She was absent on account of illness.
24. She is crying for her lost doll.
25. You can go there by rickshaw.
26. Nowhere will you find such a man.
27. I read novels in my spare time.
28. I have known him since 1990.
29. This blue pen is mine.
30. I gave him tea because he does not drink coffee.
31. She will teach me English.
32. The door leads into the garden.
33. I will not forget Tania.
34. No one can avoid death.
35. Army officers are well paid.
36. He earns two thousand taka a week.
37. Father forbade me to go out at night.
38. No one can know his fate before hand.
39. Sidr is a natural clamity.
40. He recited a poem of Nazrul in the cultural function.
41. I am reading an article.  
42. She had dozens of books about animals.
43. She plans to go abroad next month.
44. It is a love poem.
45. The plane is expected to land within an hour.
46. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.
47. The knife was one foot long.
48. Tania lives with her cousin.
49. Our principal is learned and well behaved.
50. The writer caught sight of the lady in the play.
51. The plane will take off at 10.30 a.m.
52. We shall wait for you.
53. Illiteracy is a curse.
54. We can get vitamins by eating fruits.
55. He looks for a job.
56. I am well, thank you.
57. He was late due to traffic jam.
58. We looked at the sky.
59. A stranger knocked at the door.
60. I am looking for a hardware store.
61. She is singing because she is happy.
62. Life is nothing but a walking shadow.
63. The fire originated from a tea stall.
64. My father drives the manager’s car.
65. I went to Chittagong by the train Purabi.
66. The first show of the film begins at 12.00 a.m.
67. Karim went to market to buy some vegetables.
68. The post office is on the main road.
69. Twenty children are present today.
70. It rains heavily in rainy season.
71. We saw a boy playing in the field.
72. Every one is interested in games.
73. He looks like a rose.
74. Rice sells Tk. 40 per kg.
75. My father could speak ten languages.
76. We will sit under the tree.
77. We stood in front of the National Memorial.
78. It took us two hours to reach the hospital.
79. She plans to go abroad next month.
80. He visits his mother every week.
81. An accident took place near Farmgate.
82. The boat was loaded with goods.
83. He looks like a thief.
84. They visited Nepal, Malaysia and Maldives.
85. Ali prospered in life by working hard.
86. She came back the day before yesterday.
87. Lina writes to her mother every day.
88. She lives with her uncle.
89. This house belongs to my father.
90. I studied English and Bangla at school.
91. He lost his pen yesterday.
92. The Royal Bengal Tigers are found in the Sundarbans.
93. I see him once a week.
94. My father is a doctor.
95. The pen is on the table.
96. She looks like a rose.
97. Orwell was educated at Eton.
98. This house was built in 1999.
99. Rita reads in second year honours class.
100. Nobody can do this.
101. Shahin bought a pen, a pencil and an eraser.
102. The news makes him laugh.
103. Marry speaks English very well.
104. I feel feverish today.
105. Last week an accident took place near Savar.
106. He went home to see his mother.
107. It is half past ten now.
108. Dinajpur is famous for rice.
109. Shakesperae wrote Hamlet.
110. We are waiting for our best friend Kamal.
111. People go abroad to earn money.
112. She has been sleeping for several hours.
113. His plane took off at mid-night.
114. He goes to office on foot.
115. I am fond of the plays of Shakespeare.
116. The journey was enjoyable.
117. I respect him for his honesty.
118. I get up at six in the morning.
119. We went to Comilla by train.
120. He was talking to his teacher.
121. Every body loves his motherland.
122. I am going to Rangamati tomorrow.
123. I would like to drink coffee.
124. It is 10 a.m. by my watch.
125. My doctor advised me to lose weight.
126. The train runs 70 miles per hour.
127. He walks slowly.
128. He tried hard to succeed.
129. He broke the glass with a hammer.
130. She can speak three languages.
131. Karim’s brother is a cricket player.
132. My friend called on me to lend him some money.
133. The last date for submitting application is 20 December 1998
134. I did not go there as I was ill.
135. Dhaka is 300 kilometres away from Chittagong.
136. The police warned the taxi drivers.
137. The train leaves early in the morning.
138. I have been waiting for half an hour.
139. I rushed to the hospital to see my ailing friend.
140. My sister is coming from Singapore.
141. The war of liberation took place in 1971.
142. I want to talk about music.
143. Jashimuddin was born in Bangladesh.

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