Student Life or Duties of a Student

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Literary, the term 'student' contains seven different letters. All these letters provide the meaningful words. Where 'S' is to Study, 'T' is to Tidy, 'D' is to Discipline, 'E' is to Energetic, 'N' is to Neat and 'T' is to Technical. So, all the letters influence student about there duties and responsibilities. Truly speaking, a duty and responsibility of a student can not be described easily. Mare talent does not constitute a good student. A person to be a student must have both talent and a number of good qualities such as diligence and devotion to studies.  

Constitutionally a public service job holder's age is below 67. After that age he or she has to retired from their field. But 'student' is one type of jobless service which can not be kept by the age cage. It does not care about the age, the situation etc. A learner of class three has to called as a student on the other hand, a person who has completed his  study and searching job also be called as a student. So, student life is a long way of life and the duty of this life is doubtfully long and for long.

Student is called the future leader of a country. The proper preparation of this life is very much depends on the utilizing duty of the student. The time which is spend for learning in school, colleges and university level is called the student life. It is a period of preparations for all the problems that face the individual and the community. It is a period when a man fills his mind with the fuel of ideas to set sail in the voyage of life. So, it would not be wrong if we called this-"the seed time of human being"

A student should have unquenchable thirst for knowledge and leave no stone unturned for gathering knowledge as knowledge is power. Student who performs his duty correctly will get proper feedback in the following life. It's a time to catch good future. And a dutiful mind set up can achieve this goal. If anyone wastes this valuable time by singing, he/ she will go to the unsettled future which is not expected.

Laughingly, our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam said,
"Student life will be great
If there is no exam"

Undoubtedly, student and exam is as related as tea and sugar. Student lives without exam can not be thinkable. Student has to attend examination to make him well proved. It should not be only to attend for acquiring certificates and honor. A student should cultivate honesty, punctuality, regularity and discipline in his life. The entire famous and popular people in the world are used to maintain these characteristics of a student.

There is an old saying, "Knowledge is power." Rightly so, acquiring knowledge is first and foremost duty of a student. But he must not be confined himself to the academic or prescribed books. Knowledge is a subject which exist all ever and all things. So student should be sincere about that. He must engage himself to read newspaper, magazine, novels, poetry etc. He/she can also keep himself by listening news and views, hearing commentary and writing columns during his leisure period of time. At present, the science and technology is very getable. So, students have to utilize this thing. They can moderate themselves by using internet and take vast knowledge. This kind of things will widen their mental horizon and enable them to be acquainted with many things of the world. Mail chatting, internet browsing makes the path very clear but student should key to take the right meaning.

The Students have to take part in the co-curricular activities which as it is provided by the school. They should go to excursion or picnic with his fellow friends. All these things will bear good effect on him. These will drive his monotony and make his mind refresh to settle his goal. Excursion will increase his knowledge. His/ her mental outlook will be broad. Then he will become hungry for knowledge.

To maintain the laws of health is another quality of a student.  A student has to remember that, a sound heath can lead him a sound mind. He should take care to his body fitness importantly. To get up early in the morning, take light exercise, have balance diet and notorious food menu in the meal- should be the habit of a student. Some bad habits like, go to sleep late, passing sleepless night, avoiding notorious food, hesitate to take physical exercise- are to be prohibited to a student.

Another duty of a student is to take part in social and benevolent activities. Since a student is a future citizen, he must take an intelligent interest in public affairs. Student should render social services by fighting against ignorance, superstition and social backwardness. As the students have no family burden and get enough time during the large vacations, they can do a great deal of work for the people without causing any harm to themselves. They can teach the illiterate people how to read and write. They can teach to the unlettered person about the crucial matter like-family planning, malnutrition, sanitation, population exploitation etc. He can take part as a volunteer of Scouts, Red- cross, Red-crescent team and works jointly for the people who are the victimers of natural calamities like flood, cyclone, nor-waster and epidemic. These activities enable a student to gain practical training in humanitarian work.   

Unity is strength - it's a universal truth. A single student may unable to do any change to the community or society but a form of a student must do so. A number of students can make a good community. They can establish a club or institution by which they revolt against the corruption, bribe, terrorism and many doubtful national and international matters. They can influence the society about rape, eve-teasing and gender discrimination. They can motivate people to plant trees more and more and their fundamental rights. They also can work with village people in building roads, clearing jungles, digging canals and re-excavating ponds. They should remember that a good desire never come to an end.  

There is no rose without thorn, no rights without duties, no pleasure without tears and no wonder then that a student has certain duties to perform. He has to discharge duties to his own self, to his parents, to his society, to his country, to the wide world and what is more to Allah. A student is an asset and a hero of a nation. So, student should do their duty accordingly. The person who called himself as a student and performs bad politics, extortion, corruption and addicted to the drugs- he is not an asset rather he is a curse to a nation. They are also the bad headache to the human. Although, a student should not take his studies an excuse for neglecting his social and other duties, study comes first. He should equip himself with knowledge and expertise so that he can render service to his family and his motherland as well as humanity.

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