Write a Paragraph about Email

Posted on 26th Jul 2021 03:05:58 AM Paragraph, Short Note

Electronic mail is popularly known as email. It is used for communicating textual messages via electronic means. Email is delivered to individual electronic mailbox based on computers. In email, we need a personal computer, a modem and a telephone connection. E-mail has brought about a revolution in modern communication. It reduces the use of paper. Internal memos and reports can be exchanged electronically without using paper. Messages can be sent from one co to another within seconds. Moreover it is cheaper than telephone calls. Trade and commerce has become dependent on this speedy mode of communication. However, it has not reached everyone in Bangladesh as most people are poor and cannot afford to have a personal computer. Only a few people have started using it commercially. It is a matter of hope that the present Government of Bangladesh wants to build up ‘Digital Bangladesh’. In order to implement this, the government has decided to perform all its official work with the help of computer. As a result, the importance of e-mail will increase in future. Computer studies will be a compulsory subject at the primary and secondary levels of our education. The price of a computer set has become low. In order to use e-mail easily, the government has reduced telephone call charge.

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